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If Your House Was Burning Down

and you only had enough time to grab ONE thing with you as you run past the falling beams and leap over the FLAMES OF DEATH… what would you take?

Me? I’d probably grab Grandma’s ring, then hightail it outta there like there’s no tomorrow.

  • Amber Yount - All my vintage apple computers :P ReplyCancel

  • Debt Challenger - My Shih Tzu Buttons.ReplyCancel

  • Terri - My 2 dogs.ReplyCancel

  • BD - My fiance! After that, I don’t know – whatever was small and nearby. Whatever it was would take on new sentimental meaning just by surviving with me.ReplyCancel

  • goldnsilver - my eyeglasses. I am blind w/out them.ReplyCancel

  • Krystal - Assuming the BF can get out by himself, after thinking about this question carefully … I too would take my iMac (in all it’s 24″ glory). I really would. :) ReplyCancel

  • Katie - My puppy!ReplyCancel

  • dreamy1 - My purse, which carries my digital camera, my ipod, my cell phone, my wallet, and my keys. Since I have renters insurance, the rest is covered!ReplyCancel

  • Phoenix - Personally–I’m going downstairs to grab my housemates kids (8, 5, and 10 mos). My husband is old enough to get out on his own, and things can be replaced. This is why I have insurance, and a safety deposit box.ReplyCancel

  • mapgirl - The File box with all my key papers in it. I know I should take my new parakeet, but she doesn’t like me anyway. Hopefully that will change, but I’m not that much of an animal lover. (For those that don’t read my blog, my co-workers found her in the parking lot at work and saved her from a circling hawk. No one else wanted to take her, so I’m not THAT heartless.)ReplyCancel

  • plonkee - There isn’t anything that practically speaking I could grab except possibly my bag, which I’d probably need to get out of the house as it contains the keys.

    In an idea world I’d grab a necklace that I inherited from my grandmother and the box that contains my passport / birth certificate / degree certificate and so on.ReplyCancel

  • ms.voad - I would grab my powerbook, and would make an attempt to drag my lovely beauty rest mattress out of the flames… i have a love connection with my bed!
    hey wellheeled, love your blog… would love to do a link exchange.

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