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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Tales of the Trailblazers

Tweet This is a 1998 article from FORTUNE, about the 34 women of Harvard Business School’s Class of 1973 (the first year that HBS had a “significant” portion of the class be female – 4.4%). Even though this article is almost 10 years old (can you believe that the 90s were TEN years ago!? I […]

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Savings, schmavings

Tweet Recently I’ve decided to tweak my retirement/emergency fund savings a little – I’ll still be saving roughly the same amount ($2,200-$2,500 a month), but I’m going to decrease my retirement savings a bit and increase my emergency fund savings by a couple hundred bucks. The down payment fund is also on hold for now […]

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2007 year end goal

Tweet It’s hard to believe that in 2.5 months (or 11 weeks, to be more exact), 2007 will leave and 2008 will roll in. The latter part of 2007 will definitely be a time to remember for both the good times & the not-so-good times. I graduated college, moved into my own apartment, started a […]

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Be aggressive, be-e aggressive

Tweet Meg tagged me on a 7 things about me meme… I can’t think of 7 things right now, but I’ll leave you guys with one: I was once a middle-school cheerleader. I can still do a (somewhat off-kilter) cartwheel and maybe even a toe touch if I stretch for 20 minutes beforehand. I made […]

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$25 well spent

Tweet Today I bought 2 books for about a dime over $25 (thereby getting me FREE shipping on Amazon). I’ve been spending a lot of money on books lately – a week ago I bought 3 books at Borders for $33 total (one of those Buy 3 Get 1 Free deals)… they’re interesting books and […]

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We meet again, Starbucks

Tweet Yes, it is true. I went to Starbucks today and got my soy vanilla latte. And it was good. (But somehow, not quite as good as I remember it…). I think I’ll try to keep this a once-a-month thing. I realize now that before I was just going to Starbucks for the sake of […]

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I haven't bought Starbucks since August 29

Tweet Yes, that is correct. My credit card statement confirmed it – yours truly has not spent a single penny at Starbucks since the $3.40 soy vanilla latte over a month ago. I think this might be the longest I’ve gone without Starbucks in… well, a long time. Anyhow, my credit card statement for September […]

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