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I just came back from dinner with a new friend (she was so much fun!!). The food was delicious, the conversation flowing, the laughter contagious. My share was around $30, including tax, tip, and valet.

At my current $110 budget for eating out, I can only afford 3-4 meals like the one I’ve just had per month (I maybe have 2 nice meals a month – gotta save some $$$ for those late night Chipotle runs!). And that’s if I only pay for myself.

Sometimes I wish my budget was accomodating enough that I can just say, “don’t worry, let me get it.” It’s nice to be able to treat a friend to a good meal. I’ve paid for friends before, but quite sparingly. And only when the bill was below $30.

I know I’m not cheap, but I hope that in the future my financial situation will allow me to be a little more generous.

  • Red - I definitely am with you on this one.

    I make significantly more than my theatre major sister and I’ve gotten used to spoiling her. But with my new budget, there just isn’t room for that kind of generosity so often.

    I just bought tickets to a show for us, and I’d like to pay for her, but that would mean I’d have to cut it really, really tight for the next week. She offered to pay me back and I might have to take her up on it this time.ReplyCancel

  • English Major - That’s my big financial goal: to make enough money to afford to be really generous with other people. I was just telling my mom how I want to be the kind of person who always has a cake on a cake-plate in my kitchen (the kind of cake-plate with the domed glass top, you know?) so I can invite people over like so: “Would you like to come over for a slice of cake?”

    I make it a monthly goal to buy a friend a drink or a snack or a cup of tea.ReplyCancel

  • Kango Suz - That is definitely one of my hardest things, not to be able to treat my friends. I try to do an ‘exchange’ treat with a friend I meet for coffee each week. This works out well for our budgets since we both get to feel like we treated but neither of us is out more than we would have been had we paid separately.

    But yea… someday I’ll be rich and have enough to buy the whole dinner.

    Until then – YAY Chipolte runs!


  • Suzy - frustrating to me too. sometimes generosity is my biggest budget buster. my bf makes twice what I do, and sometimes I get so indignant about not wanting to feel like I’m taking advantage of his bigger paycheck, that i end up treating him more often than he treats me!

    another bad habit of mine (because i was once a waitress) i always overtip. i just feel bad otherwise. but i need to cure this until i can really afford it….ReplyCancel

  • Debt Challenger - You are not cheap. You are responsible and there is nothing wrong with that. :O)ReplyCancel

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