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The little luxuries of life

Or not so little…

Even though I try to watch my spending, here are some things that brighten my day so much.

-> Crane stationery: I have a couple stacks of cards and thank you notes from Crane… they’re pricey ($14 for a set of 10 thank you notes), and understandably so. The quality and elegance of the engraved 100% cotton paper is unmistakable. I try to buy them on sale.

-> Shams & duvet from Anthropologie: Those cost $150, and that was on sale! But the lovely fabric has a soft creamy sheen that would not be found on cheaper materials. It’s gorgeous, and I love it. I plan on having these until they go to Happy Bedding Heaven.

-> Massage: I get a massage once every month, 2 months, 4 months. It’s pricey – $80/hour – but it’s so relaxing and worth the money. I have cut down in an effort to save some $$$ (now I go to pilates – much cheaper and my back also feels good afterwards). But I would get a massage 3x a week if I could afford it. I kid you not.

-> Tea from Lupicia: $5-$20 for 1.76 oz. I like the Momo Oolong (to drink it is to love it), the Honey & Pear, and the Lychee Oolong. The aromas are divine. I have several bags of these – they are supposed to be good until September 2008, at which point I’ll have to go stock up to feed the (tea) need.

To be honest, having these little luxuries around makes me feel… extravagent. Writing on 100% cotton embossed paper with hand-painted borders? Extravagent. Sipping imported Japanese loose leaf tea blend (so delicious!)? Extravagent. Relaxing at a full 60-minute massage? Extravagent! And you know what? I love it. So I make room in my budget.

  • emilyg - I am the saaaame way with massages. Would hire a masseuse to come to my house every other day if I could afford it. They are one of the few things in life that feel that good and aren’t bad for you!! Forgive me if I’ve already told you about this, but have you heard of the massage chain Massage Envy? It’s this place where for a monthly fee of $39 you get one hour-long massage (so basically you’re required to buy one a month) but I think every additional one is just as cheap. I haven’t been to one yet but I’ve been wanting to give it a try. The quality may not be as good as at a high-end spa, but they’re all certified, and I’ve never really had a bad massage. I’m definitely looking into it…I just looked online and saw that they have 744 clinics across the country.ReplyCancel

  • Kirsten - I think everyone should have some type of luxuries they can’t and don’t want to resist… For me, the whole idea of looking after my money and being frugal (at times) is that it’ll enable me to splurge out on other things that make me happy – like ridiculously priced bedding from White Company! :-D

    Did you ever buy those red heels in the end?ReplyCancel

  • SavingDiva - I also love Crane’s stationery! I think it’s SO beautiful! I try to make sure that I’ve used up all of my current stationery before I buy any new stuff….hm…LOVE IT!ReplyCancel

  • finance girl - The little luxuries make it all worthwhile, and are the rewards, imho, for living a financially disciplined life.

    Being financially disciplined doesn’t mean we have to go without! :-) ReplyCancel

  • Meg - My everyday indulgences are usually food (or drink) related, though I also splurge on fabulous bedding. And shoes. But not as often.

    I love stopping by the gourmet market after work and picking up sushi and a half pint of gelato for an indulgent night in (or a good cheese and a loaf of fresh bread). Total cost is appx $15 – not including the $10 bouquet of fresh flowers that I pick up by the register when I REALLY want to feel extravegant.

    Other indulgent, regular splurges – walking down the street on a weeknight to a neighborhood spot and splitting salad, pizza and a bottle of wine with a friend of mine (which I plan on doing tonight). Total cost is appx $20 each, but we have so much fun enjoying our neighborhood together.ReplyCancel

  • bb - That is why we have budgets, we can plan for these little luxuries and not feel like we are shorting other areas….


  • Suz - I love massages and no matter how stretched our budget is I have always managed to squeeze them in. My best find ever was the Massage Institute of Chicago where you could get a massage in a beautiful private salon-style room by a senior student for only $25 an HOUR! You have to fill out a form at the end, but it is truly a great experience. And so much cheaper than the standard $60-80.

    Little luxuries are worth it when you want to make your budget liveable and so that you never feel like you’re a stoge with yourself (which is what causes me to break my budget).


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