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What I did this weekend

Danced. Napped. Ate. Strolled. Watched movies. Studied (but far less than I should’ve). Talked. Loved. Played. Joked. Laughed.


Dear God, thank you for all my blessings.

Something I realized: I’ve been looking for unconditional love in the wrong places. CB is wonderful, but he’s a man. He’s imperfect. I’m imperfect. Perfect love doesn’t belong to us, but human love, imperfect as it is, is worth it.

Dear God, I pray I’ll never be so hurt or so jaded as to stop believing that.

  • Stephanie - That sounds absolutely lovely! Here’s hoping that the future brings many more of these weekends to all of us!ReplyCancel

  • GG - You are definitely on to something. We were made to long for something greater.ReplyCancel

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