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Friday lights

I tend to get a little bit more dressed up on Fridays… because that’s usually when I see CB. So today, I have slipped on dark red patent leather heels ($15 at Ross! When I got home, I googled the brand and found that they retail for $100+ on Zappos, and was even more satisfied with my purchase that I already was) and swiped on some lip gloss.

CB and I are going on 5 years, and things can get (and have gone) badly, but little things like this gives me hope. Because 5 years, and I still put on heels and smile myself silly when he tells me I’m pretty.

Sincere compliments from strangers are wonderful, but sincere compliments from the people you love? Even better.

And because this post needs some personal finance, here’s my tidbit of the day: I’ve set up an automatic investment feature with the Freedom Fund. $750 will go from my checking account to the Fund every paycheck. I hope this helps me stem the rush of spending I’ve been doing lately.

  • Chicky - I’ve been with my husband 5yrs too. 3yrs dating and engagement and 2yrs marriage. It is a great feeling to be found sexy, beautiful by him..ReplyCancel

  • SavingDiva - $750/pay check is awesome!ReplyCancel

  • MBF - I hope you had a great time and don’t you just love Ross?ReplyCancel

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