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How to Win Over the Romantic and the Bean-Counter in One Fell Swoop

Ever since I first sniffed at a bottle of Marc Jacobs perfume at a department store makeup counter, I’ve coveted the lush fragrance. The scent reminds me of a huge bouquet of gardenias floating on water. I kept thinking maybe I should just get it for myself, but the $80 price tag always held me back a little. Every time I go into Sephora I’d dab some on my wrists.

marcjacobs How to Win Over the Romantic and the Bean Counter in One Fell Swoop

Well, last week when CB and I were at Marshalls, he saw a Marc Jacobs gift set marked down to $35. It’s the exact same as what’s retailing at Macy’s right now (3.4 fl oz Eau de Parfum Spray, 5.1 fl oz Body Lotion, Deluxe Mini Perfume – minus the tote).

So of course I was excited that CB showed me the set. He said he was going to get it for me for our anniversary – which means I have to wait until February to get it?! (But it’s okay. That will give him a chance to wrap the gift). He was a bit disappointed because he wouldn’t be able to surprise me, but it would’ve been quite difficult for him to smuggle the box out of the store without me noticing!

I am happy because:
1. He remembers our anniversary.
2. He remembers from our past conversations (or my hint-dropping) that I like Marc Jacobs perfume.
3. I’ll be wearing “lush gardenias and creamy musks” for our anniversary dinner!
4. It’s a fantastic deal.

In one fell swoop, CB won over both the romantic AND the bean-counter in me. Love – ain’t it grand?

  • cc - I LOVE that scent as well!!! I received a generous sample awhile ago after I did some major damage at Bloomingdales. It smells so good and I’ve used half the sample and am now “saving” it (for what I don’t know). I ended up buying the Daisy set instead a month ago because it was cheaper ($60) and it also smelled good (but not as good as MJ). But his fragrances always smells so delicious! All of his splashes are yummy. They have gardenia which I haven’t smelled yet, but I think they had grapefruit and some leafy, grassy scent and both smelled so good@ReplyCancel

  • Scribbles - Awww bless his little cotton socks! It’s so awesome when you feel like you’ve really been listened to :D ReplyCancel

  • Ellen - I love that scent as well, HOWEVER… my boyfriend’s sense of smell is different from CB’s in one tragic way. When I put it on once from a tester, he sniffed me and said, “It smells like Grandma.” Sigh.ReplyCancel

  • Fabulously Broke - I want to smell it now.

    That’s so sweet of your BF!!!ReplyCancel

  • The Price of Beauty: What’s Your Makeup Budget? | Well-Heeled, with a mission - [...] $0. I have never actually purchased perfume for myself. Right now I wear Marc Jacobs, a gift from CB for our 6th anniversary. When I order from Sephora, I always select little vials of scents for my samples, so I have quite [...]ReplyCancel

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