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Loyal AAA Customer

Because AAA is worth every penny of the yearly $47 dues when your car starts STEAMING as you drive down a crowded boulevard.

Every. Single. Penny.

Tomorrow I’m driving my car getting it towed to the mechanic’s. I really hope my engine is not damaged and the total cost of the repairs will be manageable.

I have a feeling there will be a lot of repairs coming up…

  • A - I just spent $350 on my car today :(. I feel your pain.ReplyCancel

  • L.A. Daze - Uh oh. Praying to the car gods that it’s only minor! (Or under warranty).ReplyCancel

  • Money Maus - I heart AAA, too! Definitely worth it. (Plus you can get discounts at random places, too!)

    Good luck with your car. Hopefully the repairs aren’t too pricey. Sounds like you have a good mechanic, though :) ReplyCancel

  • Reconsidering my whole move-out strategy « Well-Heeled, with a mission - [...] a little bit more – the idea just popped into my head during the drive home (before my car started spewing STEAM out of the ENGINE). If after 2-3 days I still am leaning towards the staying option, I’m going to talk to my [...]ReplyCancel

  • jgraziani - Hey, I work for AAA and thanks for all the AAA love! Hope all goes well with your car. Let me know if I can do anything (@AAAnews on Twitter). FYI, AAA has a network of Approved Auto Repair facilities so if you ever need a mechanic, visit AAA.com to find one.ReplyCancel

  • S. - I love the AAA too. It was a necessity in college! My account has says I’ve been a member over 40 years because I’m a third generation member.ReplyCancel

  • Bonnie - After using AAA’s awesome services TWICE in one weekend a few years ago, I will never go without it. Do you know they will even tow a friend’s car for free if you are in the car with the friend?!ReplyCancel

  • Crystal Groves - Have you tried Better World Club? I was thinking of signing up for that instead of AAA.ReplyCancel

  • jgraziani - Crystal,
    Yes, I’ve heard of it. (Full disclosure — I work for AAA). Before you make a decision I encourage you to visit http://tinyurl.com/c39jvw for info on AAA’s environmental stances. AAA has supported mass transit/public transportation, clean air and recycling programs for years. AAA also promotes eco-tourism and the reduction of auto emissions. There is one motor club that uses environmental issues as a marketing ploy to get people to join, but AAA stands on its record of supporting safety issues for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.ReplyCancel

  • Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas | Well-Heeled Blog - [...] be a good idea. I’ve had my member for a few years and it makes me feel better to know that if something happens to my car, help is only a phone call [...]ReplyCancel

  • wellheeled - My car is… 12 years old (it’s a tween!) so no warranties. But it’s held out really well with no major major repairs (knock on wood), so I’m hoping that once the mechanic sees it and I give it some TLC (i.e. money for repairs), it’ll be in good shape again. Seriously, anything less than $1K I will give happily and without reservation. I love my car… please be okay!ReplyCancel

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