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You Know You Are Addicted To Argentine Tango When…

1. You see a dress you like in the window display, and wonder, “can I dance in this?”

2. Fresh & Easy frozen foods aisle becomes not just a place to buy a bag of stir-fry for $3.99, but also an area to practice the tango walk.

3. You cannot suppress the big grin on your face that grows wider and wider with every turn in a practica.

4. The shoes you dream about have switched from Louboutins (shoes almost every women want) to Comme il Fauts (shoes tango-addicted women want). At least Comme il Fauts are much cheaper…

5. Tango lessons has replaced nice dining experiences as your motivational currency.

6. You harass try to persuade all your friends to go to tango classes with you.

7. It’s worth it to drive 45 minutes in gridlock traffic to get to your favorite instructor.

8. You look at your apartment’s hardwood floors and think (even for a moment)… can I rearrange the furniture so I have room to practice?

9. You are secretly glad that you can’t find classes you like on Wednesday nights because that has become the only night you can hang out with friends. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are all taken by tango classes.

10. You dance for 3 hours straight… and still want more. Much more.

  • me in millions - Thanks for the smile. It’s so nice that you’ve found something that you love so much!ReplyCancel

  • eemusings - Practicing in the frozen foods aisle – priceless! :D

    By the way, what do you use to generated your ‘related posts’ at the bottom?ReplyCancel

  • Pete | The Tango Notebook - I practice pivoting while waiting in line at the checkout counter in the grocery store. It’s a more fun way of transferring goods from your shopping cart to the cashier!

    And about that “related posts” function, would you email me a link for that? I use Thesis, too :) ReplyCancel

  • Mari - What a great post! I would add: making all of your travel plans around your destination’s milonga schedule (and your own of course.) And habitually “testing” the smoothness and dancibility of every hard-surfaced floor you find yourself walking on.ReplyCancel

  • Small Budget Big Style - I might have to give Argentine tango classes a try, you make it sound so fun.ReplyCancel

  • oilandgarlic - If you haven’t been already, I think you must go to Buenos Aires in the near future! I’m not a tango dancer but going to milongas was an amazing experience. It was so inspiring to older couples dancing well into the wee hours of the night. We stayed at a tango-themed bed and breakfast where the first question everyone asked was not “Where are you from?” but “How long have you danced?”ReplyCancel

  • Wellheeled - @Small Budget Big Style – yes, do! It’s a wonderful and fun dance. But beware the addiction… ;)

    @oilandgarlic – I’ve been taking a lot of classes so I can work up the courage to go to a milonga here in the States! :) Don’t want to be someone who is dumped after the first song.ReplyCancel

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