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What’s In My Bag: Stacking Pennies

stackingpennies bag

Bag –   Typically I buy small bags, but I’ve been loving this bag for the past few months and have been refusing to switch to a more “winter” style.  White House Black Market, late summer sale, $30.
Lunch – scrounged up with whatever we had around:  sunchips, grapes, cheese, and an energy bar.  Albertson’s, no clue of the price!
Mittens – fingerless, mostly for my cold office. I can wear gloves while I type away! I have been loving goldish-yellow colors this fall.  Target, $15
Cheapo sunglasses – I just can’t get behind $100 sunglasses.  Target, $15.
Wristlet – I use this as my wallet, or I take it solo when I want to travel light.  Coach. It was a gift, free!
Planner – I picked it because it had a month view in addition to the day/week pages.  Hopefully it’ll help me keep my life straight the next few busy months!  From CVS, $8 or so.
Notebook – I don’t always carry this but it happened to be in there that day.  I imagine it was only a dollar or two.
Lipstick – Petal Attraction, Maybelline, about $8.
Lipgloss – Sephora.  It was technically free gift, but I spent a lot to get that free gift!
Hand lotion – Burt’s Bee’s.  I don’t know the price of it since it was part of a little gift pack.
Chapstick – Burt’s Bee’s. I always have an assortment of chapsticks in my life and I put whatever one I find first in my pocket or bag.  I think this stuff is about $3.
Phone – LG.  I’m not a phone geek, so it is pretty basic, but I swear by LG.  I think I paid $50 or so after rebates and such.  Or maybe free?
Pen – Comes in handy for my occasional ATM deposits.  I hate going to see actual tellers.  Free!
Hair tie – You just never know when you’ll need to pull your hair back.  Very cheap!
Water bottle – Not only do I use this to stay hydrated… when it is really cold in the office I fill it with hot water and use it as a mini heater. I’m so weird.  Kleen Kanteen, free because I stole it from T (he got it as a gift)
Key’s – I wanted to point out my kind of awesome little carabiner keychain I got for a few dollars at REI.  I used to take my car key off my key ring to take when I went running (less jingling), and now it is a much easier task.
Book The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  This is misleading — I don’t always carry a book these days, because I don’t take public transit or often find myself with long periods of waiting around.  But I started this on my plane ride back to LAX last month and have been itching to find time to finish it.  This was also free, I borrowed it from my sister.

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  • Serendipity - I vote for Stacking Pennies because I like the fact that she keeps an organizer on hand and I am currently drooling over time management tips. 😉ReplyCancel

  • J. Money - You know how sometimes you can tell someone’s hot from their voice? Well, this purse screams sexy all over :) I vote for Stacking Pennies.ReplyCancel

  • SP - Can I, uh, vote for myself? :) I admit it, I want to win! Seeing how awesome the rest are, I’ll find one person more to vote for too.

    Thanks for running this, what a fun contest!ReplyCancel

  • Cassie - Great little contest! I love seeing what other people carry in their bags (or pockets, ha!).

    My vote is going to be for…. Stacking Pennies! Love those yellow gloves!ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa - You’ve got my vote! Love, love, love convertible mittens!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - SP has my vote! Oh, and that book is great, btw!ReplyCancel

  • Kim - SP has my vote! I enjoy the blog! Luv the purse and the contents are similar to mine :)ReplyCancel

  • Forest - Count my vote for SP!ReplyCancel

  • Carrie - Voting for SP because I always have baggies of snacks in my purse, too!! :)ReplyCancel

  • paranoidasteroid - SP wins for me – I like how her purse isn’t too sterile like she had just cleaned it out moments before snapping the photo!ReplyCancel

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