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Dream Room Library In My Dream Home

I have a future dream room in my future abode – a library (which in practicality, will also have to double as an office / study and maybe a guest room).

One of my favorite Disney movies is Beauty and the Beast, and my favorite scene is the one in which Beast surprises Belle with her library in the castle, filled floor to (a very high) ceiling with books, books, and more books. All hardcovers, of course.

(sigh – isn’t this room magnificent?)

beautyandbeastlibrary Dream Room Library In My Dream Home

But since life is not an animated Disney feature, I’ll planning a much scaled-down home library. One feature that I really do want to have is a wall of floor to ceiling bookshelves. I also would like a secretary desk, comfortable yet stylish reading chairs, and perhaps a chaise for those days when I just want to lazy an afternoon away with a book.

Here are a few inspirations I’ve culled from the web:

(Elle Decor 2007 Laird Residence) – I love how bright and tranquil this room feels. The yellow pops of color go beautifully with white shelves and the beige-toned furniture. The vase of pink flowers matches the throw on the sofa and adds a touch of charm.

eleganthomelibrary Dream Room Library In My Dream Home

If I can’t devote an entire separate room to a home library, I might  have to appropriate a wall of the living room as my library section. I love the curtain idea, very dramatic and fluid way of concealing the shelves. I may want to do two panels and just tie them off to the side to frame the wall of books. Again, the combination of light-colored sofas and pink flowers is lovely.

livingroomlibrary Dream Room Library In My Dream Home

(inspired by Carrie’s post on a home gym).

What’s your dream room in your dream home? A library? A home-gym? A dance studio? A movie theater?

  • FabulouslyBroke.com - An office. Huge desk, lots of drawers, HUUUUUGE floor to ceiling windows. ReplyCancel

  • psychsarah - When I saw Beauty and the Beast I fell in love with the library he gave her. I hadn't seen it in ages-thanks for the fond memory.

    In my dream house, I would have two dream rooms-the first, a library, complete with the ladders that roll along the wall to reach the high shelves, a window seat and a big comfy chair to curl up in.

    The second, a music room-soundproofed with my piano, guitar, saxophone, an awesome stereo set-up, a karaoke machine and room to dance around. I would go there to rock out and release stress without worrying about anyone hearing me go off-key or missing a note. ReplyCancel

  • Investing Newbie - The background in your masthead looks pretty good. Except it doesn't have the secretary desk which I agree, is necessary. I wrote over at Carrie's blog that my dream room would be a Recreation Room. Essentially it would like look I pulled it right out of bachelor's pad. It would have a movie theater, an ice hockey table, a popcorn/candy machine, plush leather seats and a bar. But this will be for the dream home I'll be getting in maybe another 20 years. Haha. For now, I'll be ok with the essentials, bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen and a closet or two. ReplyCancel

  • Airam - I feel like I wrote this post.
    I literally gasped as a little kid when I first saw the beast give beauty that room as a gift…or in ever after when drew's character is taken to the library where the monks (i think) were reading… sigh. now that's true love!

    oh yah you're question, my dream room is a library too :P ReplyCancel

  • Moneyreasons - I'm a big fan of having a house library too (my wife constantly reads)… I call it our media room (we have the computer on a desk too).

    The most spectacular library that I've ever come across it the one in Biltmore! While not exactly like the "Beauty and the Beast" one, it's pretty impressive! As we toured the house (which was amazing) the library was the one that really impressed me by the largeness of it all.

    Monticello had a nice library too, but much much smaller…

    Have fun in Disney :D ReplyCancel

    • WellHeeled - I am SO excited about Disney World! It's unbelievable. Hahha. :)

      What was your favorite part of DWR? ReplyCancel

  • The Asian Pear - Eat-in kitchen with big storage room/mudroom area. BIG. HUGE. With full industrial appliances. Lots of cabinetry. Open concept. Big island. Cork flooring. ReplyCancel

    • WellHeeled - Come to think of it, I'd like a mud room / laundry room too. Yes to the big island! ReplyCancel

  • Laura - Yep! My dream house main feature is the library too…but almost the opposite of yours. Dark dark wood, curved w/ two stories of bookshelves, desk w/ lots of drawers, and full floor to cieling windows w/ curtains and drapes w/. tassels! ReplyCancel

  • Rita Arens - I actually just got my floor-to-ceiling bookshelves last winter about this time. We turned our dining room into a library with a wood floor and a wall of three six-shelf double bookshelves we got at Costco. They have lights and alternating glass and wooden shelves, and the detail and trim is very nice. I was shocked — I thought we'd have to get them made custom. This is the room I use to work from home now, and I'm happy every time I turn around and look at my beloved books. You can do it! ReplyCancel

    • WellHeeled - That's awesome – I think the most expensive part of doing a home library isn't anything to do with the materials or furnishings, per se, it's the extra room that I'll have to have in my house to dedicate as a library. I think as far as dream rooms go, libraries are actually quite affordable. So happy to hear that Costco worked out for you – I like their kitchen displays too. ReplyCancel

  • girlmakescents - My dream room is a room for teaching stuff and crafts. They kind of go hand in hand if I end up teaching primary anyway. A big table, a big desk. Lots of bookshelves and storage. Themed units stored. Sewing machine. Labels. It would be organized but okay to get messy and crafty in. ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - Oh gosh I wish I could have such a beautiful library too! I do love the more realistic idea of showcasing a bookcase with curtains tied at the side, though. That would look really awesome too. ReplyCancel

  • MoneyReasons - All of it was pretty good (except waiting for the bus…)

    My favorite theme park was Hollywood Studios… It's kind of ironic really, of the 4 parks, I thought I'd like that one the least and it turned out to be my favorite. I regret missing "Fantasmic". That show only was only on certain days, and unfortunately we were not at Hollywood Studio on any of those day :(

    My wife really enjoyed Dinner in Cinderella's castle. It was pretty cool.

    Take advantage of the "FASTPASS" tickets. For the newer rides with long lines, the FASTPASS is the way to go!!!

    You'll have a great time! We ended up staying at the "French New Orleans" (we did enjoy the boat ride to Downtown Disney!). It was nice but we went with friends that booked rooms in Animal Kingdom (a deluxe value), and it was really really cool!

    You'll have a great time!

    I hope the weather is decent for you! ReplyCancel

  • Vi - You know, there's a group on facebook called "I'd marry the beast if I could have a library like that", or something along those lines! (I, of course, am a member!) ReplyCancel

  • Carrie On The Cheap - I love your dream room! Floor to ceiling bookshelves always looks so elegant! ReplyCancel

  • Tea - I love the bookcases. I saw some similar type rooms on Ikea's show floor. LOVE IT! My dream room in my dream home is a bathroom the size of my current studio. (Like 500 square feet). Separate shower, Jacuzzi and tub and TONS of floor space. Like I want it so big and so clean and so fabulous that I could throw a dinner party in it. (But I never would, that's gross). I'd just like to know I could. :) ReplyCancel

    • WellHeeled - Jacuzzi? Nice! I think you should add an attached walk-in-closet and dressing area to go with your ultra-luxe spa room. :) ReplyCancel

  • Miss M - My mom is turning a part of her new house into a library, it's basically a 2nd story family room but since she lives alone, she would rather have it be a library. My dream room is an open floor plan eat-in kitchen/family room, we would demo part of the existing house and extend outward to create the space. Now if I only had $100k to make it happen! ReplyCancel

  • Jenn @ Paying Myself - My dream room isn't in my home – it's my dream office in a small, old house that I will buy someday when I am established enough to hang my own shingle and buy a building all my own… I am working on a post about it, inspired by you! ReplyCancel

  • thisisbeth - I love the Beast's library, too! I've always loved huge libraries, but since I live in a very small house, that will just have to be my dream.

    I would like a bigger kitchen (I have quite possibly the world's smallest kitchen outside of an RV–my friend has a studio apartment with a bigger kitchen!), but my dream room would be one with enough storage and room to work on sewing projects. ReplyCancel

  • Anne - http://www.athenaeumclub.co.uk/i/pics/lg/dhem.jpg The library in the Athenaeum Club, England. ReplyCancel

  • Little Houses on Wheels - Will You Buy? | Well Heeled Blog - [...] Big enough to not feel cramped, small enough to be affordable (I hope). The second bedroom can be a library – aka my dream room. If we have a kid, I’d like the third bedroom. I’d also like a one-story home, which [...]ReplyCancel

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