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Run ‘Round The Blogosphere 1/14/2010

Personal Finance

My article on super simple net worth calculation has been syndicated on BlogHer!

Everybody knows rebalancing is important, but before you rebalance you have to know what you have, first. Here’s how to check your net worth allocation if you only have 10 minutes (also at BlogHer).

Sunflowers at Chronicles of Debt is thinking about how she can earn side income. Anyone have advice?

Wonder what effect the CARD Act of 2009 (i.e., the big piece of credit card reform legislation signed in May 2009) has on credit card users? Here’s what Free From Broke says.

Carnival of Personal Finance is up at Darwin’s Finance. My post on Buying a Home Together Before Marriage is included.


Kim is giving away Le Creuset baking dish set at her lovely foodie blog (that never fails to make me hungry)! What home cook wouldn’t love that in his or her kitchen? To enter, you just have to leave a comment in the post.

Financial Samurai is giving away 2 copies of Get Financially Naked by Manisha Thakor & Sharon Kedar. If you need to “talk money with your honey”, it’s a great book to get started on a conversation about money & relationships. Please check out the awesome Question & Answers series I hosted with Manisha Thakor (still one part to come!).

Interesting News & Resources

Tango is fun, but it might also benefit Parkinson’s Disease patients. A 2008 study found that tango improved the participants’ balance. C’mon, one more reason to get started!

Triumph of the Size 12 Women (NY Times): Did you know that just as models are photoshopped to look thinner, plus-size models are sometimes airbrushed to look larger? It’s strange that there is no middle-ground in magazines.

doc2pdf.net is a great way to convert Word to PDF. You just upload your Word document to the site, press the button, and voila, a PDF in your hands. Best of all, you don’t have to download anything, and there are no limits on how often you can upload and convert in a certain period of time. I prefer to use PDF for resumes & cover letters, so I was very happy when I found this site.

News on Haiti

It’s devastating what has happened… I don’t know what to say. I’ve listed some  news coverage of the earthquake and its aftermath.

Washington Post: 150 UN staff members still trapped under rubble in Haiti. Most of the missing are expected dead.
LA Times: Getting reporters to Haiti is the hardest part of getting the story.
New York Times: U.S. promises aid for Haiti. Obama declares “unwavering support.”

Also, please head on over to Investing Newbie’s and keep her family in your thoughts & prayers. She has several family members who live in the hard-hit capital of Haiti.

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