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Best of Blogs Link Roundup 2-26-2010

Personal Finance

Enemy of Debt is hosting a Money Challenge for the month of March. There will be prizes, but the greatest prize of all is gaining control over your finances, right? Right? 😀

Eking Out a Living found a job! Congratulations to her, especially in this job environment.

Frugal Dad talks about the art of saying “no” – to yourself, to others, to the wrong opportunities, etc.

Money Honey in SF‘s friend of a friend (of a friend?) won a $2 million home in San Francisco. OR, he can take $1.6 million in cash. What would you do? If it were me, I’d be gone with my cash so fast…

Do you know Mike Aubrey? He’s the real estate agent host of Real Estate Interventions on HGTV. And, he left a comment on my post! According to him, the 3rd season of the Real Estate Interventions will incorporate Sabrina’s staging prowess to help homeowners sell quicker. They’d still need to lower their prices though. (It could be his personal assistant or a blog outreach spokesperson, but I prefer to think it was Mr. Aubrey himself, and my first online contact with a real estate celebrity.)

Debt Free U provides online education on money. Check out the Debt Free U – Financial Literacy Resources page.

Contests & Giveaways

Just a few more days left for the $100 Amazon Gift Card contest on this blog. Imagine what you can buy with $100 on Amazon. It ends March 3, so hurry and enter!

Also, tomorrow I will announce the biggest ever giveaway on Well-Heeled Blog. This is going to be a good great amazing one. Hint: $300. Cash.

  • Jason @ Frugal Dad - Many thanks for sharing my post with your readers. Enjoyed reading the other articles as well – especially Money Honey in SF's friend's predicament. I'm with you, take the money and run! ReplyCancel

  • Brad Chaffee - Thank you for sharing my new Manage Your Money Series! It kicks off on Monday and I am really excited about it. I love giving stuff away but I love helping people manage their money even more. Can you tell? LOL My first pre-launch post is up.:) ReplyCancel

  • The Asian Pear - Wellheeled… You're the WORST hint giver ever. 😀 ReplyCancel

  • WellHeeled - No no no, I haven't told you guys what you have to do to enter the contest yet! Hahah. :) ReplyCancel

  • me in millions - I love Real Estate Invervention! I'm totally jealous that Mike Aubrey commented on your post! ReplyCancel

    • WellHeeled - :) That comment made my day. I wish they'd expand to the West Coast so I can see some Californian homes. ReplyCancel

  • EkingOut - Thanks, Well-Heeled! I can be a bit negative, so it's nice to hear such a hearty congratulations. :) ReplyCancel

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