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There’s a New Car Waiting For Me (If I Just Stop Being So Stubborn)

There’s a new car smell in the blogosphere. ūüėČ

A few days ago, my mother raised the topic of a new car. She is worried about the long distance I drive and the mileage I already have on my car. She offered to put a down payment on my current car, and then I can buy a new car and she will take over my old car.

It was a very heart-warming gesture (she’s worried about my safety! Plus, she probably knows how cheap I am determined I am to drive my car to the 300K mile mark or at least until I go to graduate school). I told her I’d think about it (and have thought about it before), but really, I am crossing my fingers that my oldie but goodie Honda will continue traipsing over 60 miles of the concrete jungle a day until it’s time for me to pack up and head for my next destination.

Still, wouldn’t it be fun to hop into a zippy Honda Fit? CB loves the Honda Fits, but since he’s heading to school in a few years as well, it just doesn’t make sense for either of us to buy new cars. (Plus, not having a car payment is great).

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