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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Giving Myself an Adult Allowance

Tweet Do you have trouble sticking to a budget? I do. The past several months have been tough from a money-discipline standpoint. I’ve went from “I don’t need a budget” to “oh shoot, I am spending A LOT of money” to “gosh I’ve eaten my way clean through the budget.” That’s why I’ve been batting […]

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5 Beauty Ideas That Save Time, Money, and Sanity?

Tweet The March 2011 issue of Real Simple featured “Five beauty treatments that will change your life,” which promises to save you time, money, and sanity. 1. Keratin Treatment ($150 plus): The keratin treatment promises to turn frizz into docile tresses by sealing keratin, a conditioning protein, into your hair. A common name is the […]

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Talbots Shoes Sale: Small Sizes Still Available

Tweet Talbots is having a great sale right now with many shoes dramatically discounted. If you wear a size 5 or 5.5 or 10-11, you are in luck. [Confession: I just picked up a pair of braided leather Gracie heels yesterday. Even with the $6 shipping and taxes, the total just came out to be […]

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How Many Accounts Is Too Many?

Tweet Do you ever have trouble keeping your accounts straight? I think I have done an OK job of consolidating all my accounts, but I still have quite a few. Retirement Roth IRA: First started in 2006, I’ve maxed it out every year since – even staying the course through dark days of 2009. I […]

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Lifestyle Design and Being OK with Being Conventional

Tweet My love-hate relationship with lifestyle design Like most people, I want to become a better person and a happier person (ah the great American ideal of self-improvement is alive and well!). So my Google Reader is full of personal development blogs. In the past few years, lifestyle design have become a huge niche in […]

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Help Me Update My Blogroll

Tweet Hello blog friends, As you might be able to tell, my blogroll is woefully out of date. I need to update it, and this would be the perfect opportunity to add new blogs. The plan is to start a new page on this blog dedicated to blogroll (and include some more information rather than […]

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Bitten By the Shopping Bug

Tweet I need your help. I have been bitten by the shopping bug, and now, well, I am finding it very difficult to resist silky blouses, statuesque pumps, or well-constructed blazers. First of all, you guys were right. I love my J. Crew Lady Day coat. It’s almost perfect, and would be perfect if the […]

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The Traps of Mental Accounting: Why We Treat Money From Different Sources Differently

Tweet Do you practice mental accounting? Most people do. Do you treat $1,000 that you receive as part of your regular salary differently than the same amount from a bonus or a winning lottery ticket? Research says yes, we do treat money differently, even though we shouldn’t. We are more apt to splurge (on expensive […]

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5 Lessons From PlaySpent

Tweet Several weeks ago I blogged about PlaySpent, an online game that gives a taste of life as the working poor. Today, I went back to the site and played again, and I felt compelled to write a little more about the experience. In my previous post about PlaySpent, several of you pointed out the […]

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