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Best of Blogs Link Roundup: Bloggers I Have Met / Want To Meet In Person Edition

One of the very best things about blogging is all the great people that I’ve gotten to know and have met (or hope to have the chance to meet in the future). Even though we started out as virtual strangers, it’s quite amazing how a real sense of community and then real friendship can rise from the internet. Some people find their spouses from online dating sites; I have met some of the smartest, nicest, and funniest people through these past few years of blogging.

1. A Gai Shan Life: I think my friendship with Revanche is one of the best gifts that blogging has given me (How embarrassing would it be if she came on and disagreed? I swear I didn’t make up this friendship in my mind!). Oh, her fiance is great too. CB and I have met with them for lunch and now we have a big couple’s crush on them. I want many more double dates in our future.

2. J. Money @ Budgets Are Sexy: We actually video-chatted once… and guess what, he’s NOT a George Washington-look-a-like with blue hair. Weird, no? In truth, he’s funny and nice and drinks beer, and I do believe we are going to meet for coffee when I am in D.C. in a few months.

3. Fabulously Broke: FB has been one of the blogs I’ve read the longest, and we seem to share a similar fascination with food. I love meeting new people who love to eat! Plus, she has helped me tried to troubleshoot several blog problems I’ve had, and that’s a testament to her patience and willingness to help.

4. The Asian Pear: Again, love of good food = great basis for friendship (not to mention I slightly distrust anyone who doesn’t have a deep and abiding interest in our most basic sustenance). If I meet with her, I want to do it over LUNCH. Preferably sushi. And, as someone who has spent several short stints in an international long-distance relationship, I have the utmost respect for her and her boyfriend, who has been in an international LDR for 9 years and counting.

5. Kathryn @ Kathryn’s Conversations: This is a new blog that I have recently discovered. Kathryn is one cool lady. Her posts are un-PC, laugh-out-loud funny and thought-provoking. Check out this post on why online dating sites should require men to post their incomes. You are in for a treat.

6. Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge: Mapgirl was someone I’ve started reading back in 2007. When I was laid off back in 2009, she spent an hour on the phone with me brainstorming, offering suggestions, giving me straight talk laced with encouragement. I don’t even know if she remembers that, but I will always be thankful for what she did. Now she’s busy with work and travel and her posting has dropped off quite a bit, but I hope that she will be back before too long!

7. SVB @ Digerati Life: I actually don’t know SVB well at all, but she seems so interesting from her blog. I think I would really enjoy meeting her and picking her brain on balancing the whole motherhood / freelancing / web entrepreneur scenario.

8. Laughing at Gilded Butterflies: Does anyone else remember her blog? GB was around for a bit during 2007 and 2008. We have traded several emails back in the day, and for some reason her writing really spoke to me. I’ve always thought that she is someone I would have liked to know. I don’t know if she will ever come back, but I hope she does. At least to let us know how she is doing. So… GB – if you are reading this, say hi!

9. Sense to Dollars: She’s the original California-to-New Zealand PF blogger, so I think she’s the first NZ blogger I’ve read. I’ve been a long-time reader and lurker on her blog, and I really should comment more often – because I read every single one of her posts.

10. Paragon2Pieces: I actually stayed with her when I was in Austin – she is so nice and down-to-earth, and she is somewhat of a genius with a JD and an MBA.

There are many more bloggers whom I’d love to meet, but I’ll save those for another post!

  • Sense - That is SO nice of you to say (write)! Thank you, I'm totally blushing to be included on this list. I am in fantastic company here. I think I've read all of your posts, too–I'm pretty sure since the beginning! I can't believe how long it's been since my first post…and how much I still look forward to reading the new posts by the bloggers on my blogroll (including yourself and several of the ones mentioned here), all of whom are strangers to me but don't feel like that at all. I am so lucky to have stumbled into this community… ReplyCancel

  • Kathryn C - WOW, thank you for including me in the note above had no idea till I noticed some new commenters via you!
    I continue to be impressed with all your solid relationships you've developed through blogging, I want to be like you!

    Again, thank you so much, such a nice treat on a friday.

    And PS ,no, totally not weird to look up cost of wedding flowers before you're engaged. I'm dead serious when I say this…I looked into setting up a college savings plan for the non-existant kid that I don't have (nor a husband) but then got totally weirded out when I saw forms asking me for specifics about the kid. It was creepy so I gave up. Not kidding, I did look into it. Something is wrong with me, I know. ReplyCancel

  • FabulouslyBroke.com - I will hopefully be in your neighbourhood (and Revanche's) sometime in the near future and you can BE SURE we are going to meet up. Over food. Delicious, delicious food :D :D :D :D

    We can even do it Top Chef judging style.. :P

    Also, having met Asian Pear IRL and now being friends with her, she is everything you imagined and more. Super sweet, interesting, great personality and most of all, possessing of the sweetest, biggest hearts you will ever encounter.

    LOVE :) Whenever I come back to Toronto she is always on my list to meet up with and hug. LOL

    Update: Also, totally honoured to be on the list. I REALLY want to meet you too, having followed your blog for.. gosh.. as long as I can remember blogging LOL I'm just a horrible lurker.

    What an awesome thing to read out of the blue :) I knew today was going to be an amazing day — you just proved it to me. THANK YOU! ReplyCancel

  • The Asian Pear - awwwh. that's so sweet. :)
    as for sushi, you're on! :D ReplyCancel

  • hereverycentcounts - One of these days there should be a PF Bloggers conference. It's a small enough community where I think it would be lots of fun to meet the people behind the blogs. ReplyCancel

  • Revanche - I was going to joke that I popped in to validate your judgment of our friendship but that could come off totally wrong. We <3 you too. :D


  • Amber - Fun list!! And I actually don't know many of the blogs here, so I'll have to check them out! And I may have to do a similar post soon…:) ReplyCancel

  • March 2011 Budget Roundup = +45 - [...] She put me on her list of blogger she’d like to meet in person and believe me, she’s def… [...]ReplyCancel

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