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Goodbye ING Direct?

ING Direct logoJust heard that ING Direct will be bought by Capital One. I’ve been a member of ING Direct since 2006 and have always been very happy with their customer service. I love the sub-accounts feature, and as of right now I have 6 accounts with ING. I hope Capital One will respect the culture and customer base that ING Direct has created, but only time will tell. For now I plan to stay put and see what type of changes the acquisition will bring before I make a decision to stay or go.

Most folks on Consumerist are quite upset about the change – I have to admit I am a little, too!

Do you have ING Direct? Are you planning to switch banks because of this acquisition?

Hat tip to Debt Ninja.

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  • Niki - It is kind of sad given Capital One's track record. ReplyCancel

  • Danielle - I don't have ING Direct but I understand your concern. I used to be a Washington Mutual customer and now I have Chase. I miss WM


    • Sonia - I too was a WAMU customer and miss this terribly! Chase is so cold and they are constantly trying to soft sell me a new product. ReplyCancel

      • JAJ - We cancelled all our accounts with Chase (we were WaMu customers) less than a year from the buyout. Chase is aggressive, nasty crap. Never again. Pleasure to see negative JPMorgan news. ReplyCancel

  • NoDebtMBA.com - I don't think there's anything to really worry about yet. Capital One bought Chevy Chase Bank a while ago and it was more than a year before they made any changes at the bank and even then they weren't a big deal. See more about that: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/arti

    Odds are they bought the company for its sizable deposits and loyal customers. Why would they put that at risk? ReplyCancel

    • Charles - Once all the big banks or the "Too big to Fail" banks have bought up all the worthwhile competition they can make whatever changes they want. They never do it overnight just a gradual change they think you wont miss or notice ReplyCancel

  • hedy - I'm a long time ING customer-love them. I'll wait & see ReplyCancel

  • MommaStar - I am a very happy ING customer as well as a pretty happy Capital One customer. Hopefully they leave everything as is and just continue to run it as nothing has changed. ReplyCancel

  • Lindsey - I have my savings through ING, and hopefully nothing major will happen as a result of this acquisition. ReplyCancel

  • Tea - I do have ING Direct. I hope they keep the brand the same. I can't make a decision now as to whether or not I'll stay with them. If things take a turn for the worse (lower interest rates, lots of fees), then I'll leave without question. Hopefully that won't happen. ReplyCancel

  • FamilyMoneyValues - I hate it that big banks are gobbling up the locals and smaller online banks. I don't have ING, but my local was assimilated by B of A a few years back – nasty stuff! ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - I'm with Tea…the first time I see anything about a fee I'm leaving. I really don't care for Capital One and I hope ING doesn't change. They are the only bank I can call without having to press 5-6 numbers to reach someone real. I always get an actual person on the first call with no wait. ReplyCancel

  • munchkin - I have a few accounts with them and I had not heard about this until I started reading about it on blogs. I didnt even get an email or anything….I'm gonna wait and see what happens. ReplyCancel

  • Jared - Nothing to worry about yet. ING became successful quickly. If anything, I would think Capital One would take notes from ING and adapt themselves.ReplyCancel

  • Dave - Ugh! I love ING! I hope Capital One doesn't do anything to mess things up! Their bill pay is terrific! ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - I'm not going to do anything drastic yet. Will stick with them until I see something I don't like happening… ReplyCancel

  • Mercedes - I had issues when Capital One bought out Chevy Chase Bank last year. I actually ended up closing my account with them because they imposed some insane fees and couldn't even get my bank information transferred over to their system… I hope they don't make too many changed with ING Direct, or I'll be moving on ReplyCancel

  • Yes, I Am Cheap - Honestly I hate Capital One and the moment they start changing stuff I am jumping ship. I've notices a local bank here with some good incentives on opening new savings accounts so I'm poised to move.

    Sandy ReplyCancel

  • Unhappycamper - I have been with ING since 2003. I'm sure Capital One will implement new things that will benefit their bottom line. I try to stay way from the Big Banks, too may fees, low interest rate for savings acct. I'm very unhappy with the news and foresee me removing my money at the firest sign of greed ReplyCancel

  • ING for now - I have been with ING since 2002 and do not know how I organized my finances through a single check book before them… they have been innovative and fun to work with… THE bottom line is NO fees, and customer service if that goes I go ReplyCancel

  • Cara - NOT happy with this news. ING Direct has been wonderful to deal with — have mortgage, regular savings acct, regular CDs, + IRA savings acct and IRA CDs. Once when I hadn't made mortgage payment by the time of the month I usually do (though it was still a couple of days before "Past Due" date!), a representative actually telephoned me and very nicely asked if I was OK and just wanted to remind me in case I'd forgotten — unbelievable in this day and age….. Would hate to leave a place where my experience has been so good but if I sense a change in philosophy and attitude, and, as others have posted, if fees are added and/or excellent, friendly cusomer service declines then elsewhere I will go — even if as of yet have no idea just where that might be. ReplyCancel

  • Alice - I have had ING since 2003… I do not like Capital One with a vengeance and refuse to do business with them (or Citibank… or Walmart). I closed my account and opened a savings account at a local credit union. While I am sure the changes will be gradual over the course of the next two years, I just do not like Capital One as a company. ReplyCancel

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