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Monthly Archives: July 2011

BCBG Sale: Wedding Dresses Under $300

Tweet During my hunt for a cheap and chic wedding gown, I stumbled on BCBG.com. The site is having a big sale right now, with an additional 20% off for sale items until August 2. There are several beautiful white dresses that will be wonderful for a wedding. If you are also looking to for […]

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Red Light Camera Tickets: Don’t Pay if You are in LA

Tweet Want to really get drivers worked up? Just ask them about expensive tickets issued as a result of those ubiquotous cameras above traffic lights. THEN tell them that they didn’t actually have to pay the fine. Apparently, red light camera tickets, are really just… voluntary. According to a Los Angeles Times article: City officials this […]

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Giveaway: Pearl Earrings from Pearls of Joy

Tweet Updated Ways to Enter! (as of 7am PST) Newsletter sign up: http://www.pearlsofjoy.com visit the website and comment on which is your favorite product – please leave a link I am a big, big fan of pearls – nothing can look so beautifully classic as a strand of pearl necklace or as elegant as a pair […]

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Planning Our Unusual, Romantic, Adventurous Honeymoon

Tweet What’s the best thing about getting married? Lifelong partnership, dual income household, honeymoon? Yes, yes, and YES. There is a school of thought that a honeymoon should be a warm and sandy cocoon of tranquility, for the couple to relax after the stress of wedding. But let’s face it – what better excuse to […]

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Staycation Ideas for the Summer

Tweet Why go on vacation when you can have a nice, relaxing, budget-friendly, traffic-easy staycation? Yeah, you tell me. Head on over to LendingTree Blog to check out four of my staycation ideas. Can you have a vacation with all the fun and relaxation of getting away, minus the expenses and logistics of travel? By […]

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Carmageddon 2011

Tweet If you live in Southern California (or maybe if you even live outside of the area), you probably have heard about Carmageddon – a heavily trafficked stretch of the I-405 will be closed between the I-10 and I-101 for this weekend. The I-405 is the basic artery of north-south traffic on in West Los […]

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Moving to Lower Cost of Living

Tweet I spent most of my life in California, and there are so many things that I love about this state. Now that I’ve had the opportunity to travel a bit throughout the country, however, I realized that it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I were to move somewhere else, with a […]

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Personal Finance on the Backburner

Tweet For the past few weeks, I’ve put personal finances on the backburner. I don’t check my accounts as frequently, I forgot to pay one of my bills (oops!), and I just happened to stop by an outlet one day and stepped out $50 poorer – but one stylish maxi dress, 3 ramekins, and 1 […]

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2011 Goals – Midway

Tweet 2011 is half over… can you believe it? I think as I get older, the years just seem to pass faster and faster. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. That means it’s time to look back and see how I’m doing on 2011 goals. Personal Finances Making money: […]

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