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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Taking a Breath

Tweet Normally, I love blogging. But for the past week I just couldn’t even log on to the administration panel. The truth? I was frustrated by personal finance. By emails and blogging and lack of inspiration. (1) Work has been challenging, and hence the prospects for bonus are dimmer than I had expected. (2) I have […]

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Getting Into Credit Card Points & Miles

Tweet It’s funny, just a few years ago I was debating whether I should open a second credit card. Now, I am signing up for cards left and right. OK, that sounds just a tad irresponsible. What I mean is, I am signing up for cards that have good terms and great signing bonuses, while […]

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Tipping Your Hotel Housekeeper / Maid

Tweet I love staying in hotels. I like the plush bedding, the spotless, well-appointed rooms, the fact that I never have to make my bed. But rarely did I think about the hotel maids who make the nice stays possible. According to travel experts, guests are supposed to tip hotel housekeepers/maids, but most folks don’t. […]

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Blogging About Personal Finance When You Are Married

Tweet In 8 months, I’ll be tying the knot. Jumping the broom. Getting hitched. Taking the plunge. Getting married changes many things. For example, once CB and I get married, I will be able to (1) file taxes jointly, (2) make healthcare decisions for him if he should become incapacitated, and (3) invoke my spousal privilege […]

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Real Simple’s Money Guidelines

Tweet This post is brought you by Quick Cash Funding LLC , a company that opens its doors to applicants with a history of bad credit . Click here to learn more about Quick Cash Funding LLC. A recent issue of Real Simple magazine has an article titled 6 numbers for financial success. This is why Real Simple is one of my […]

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Do We Need a Wedding Videographer?

Tweet A year ago, I didn’t even know that wedding videographers existed. When someone talked about wedding videos, I thought of the wobbly shots captured by Dad or Uncle Bob with a handheld recorder (in my mind, this recorder would be from the mid-90s because I don’t think my family has upgraded our recording arsenal […]

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My First Car Accident

Tweet For the first time since I’ve gotten my license in 2003, I got into a car accident. Worse of all, I was at fault. Chalk it up to a case of stop-and-go traffic, a sudden braking by the cars in front of me, and my look down to change the radio station to country […]

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