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Monthly Archives: November 2011

New Allstate Blogger Here!

Tweet Recently, I became a guest blogger for Allstate Insurance’s GoodHands community. One of my post just came out in the last week or so – I’d surely appreciate it if you guys took a read and let me know what you think. As the proud owner of a 1996 sedan that just tipped over the 250,000 […]

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$10,000 Wedding Cash from Mom & Dad

Tweet Our wedding budgeting is about to get a whole lot easier. My parents have decided to give me $10,000 cash as a gift for my wedding. A 2009 New York Times Bucks column asked readers what they would do with cash from parents – use it as a wedding contribution or save it for […]

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Who’s The Shopper In Your Family?

Tweet Every family has at least one! Compared to my parents, I am definitely the shopper. With CB, I used to think it was just me. But now I’ve realized – we both are! On Wednesday Banana Republic had a 50% off coupon for full priced items you purchase in stores. After I saw that […]

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Adults Living At Home: My Change of Mind

Tweet When I was in college, my biggest goal was to make enough money at my job so that I wouldn’t have to move back in with Mom and Dad after graduation. Now that I am 4+ years out of school, though, I’ve realized it would have been nice to live at home for a […]

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Big Milestone: $100,000 in Retirement Funds

Tweet Crossing a milestone You know what’s really great about getting married? Getting to calculate your combined retirement savings! When we added together our 401K and IRA balances, we saw that we have crossed the $100,000 mark with a few thousand dollars to spare. As a couple in our twenties (I am 26 and CB […]

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My Debt That Doesn’t Feel Like Debt

Tweet Many personal finance bloggers talk about their diligent debt payoff strategies. I have debt too. When I graduated college I had $19,000 in student loans and a 10-year payment plan. My current student loan balance is $11,160. The truth is, my student loan doesn’t feel like debt. Let me explain. I received my loan […]

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What Companies Can Do To Help Employee’s Retirement Preparedness

Tweet Most employees are not ready for retirement. That’s the conclusion from Retirement Preparedness Report, a study by the financial education firm Financial Finesse. According to the report: Most employees have never run a retirement projection despite their income or age. Fifty-seven percent of employees at pre-retirement age, between 55 and 64, said they had […]

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