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The Money Sandwich

money slang sandwich

Last night, CB and I were driving. R&B and rap songs were playing on the radio, and suddenly CB said, “you know what, we can build a sandwich with all the slang terms we have for money.”

Case in point:

First, you have to start with slices of bread (made from dough)… refers to basic sustenance, livelihood, to earn one’s daily bread, breadwinner

Then we add some cheddar… refers to selling foodstamps (“government cheese”) for money or the similarity in size between stacks of cheddar cheese and bills

Next, we slide in a few leaves of lettuce – refers to the green color of bills

And finally, what better meat to put into a sandwich than… BACON? bacon – as in bring home

Viola! The money sandwich.:)

What other terms for money can you think of? Can you build anything else with money slang?

  • Vanessa -- Random Thoughts & Acronyms - This made me laugh so hard — I love it! ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - I really want to eat a sandwich like this for dinner tonight. I think I might, actually. Money sandwich. ReplyCancel

  • AmericanDebtProject - Haha this was awesome. Have you ever heard "guap"? I always thought that one was funny. see also: fat stacks, coin. etc. Except those aren't edible. ReplyCancel

  • eemusings - That's rad. You guys crack me up. ReplyCancel

  • @Thirtysixmonths - I love the art! ReplyCancel

  • belowhermeans - Now that's a sandwich I would chow down on. ReplyCancel

  • wmwo - And now I'm hungry… ReplyCancel

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  • Modest Money - Yeah this post makes me hungry for a BLT. It amusing how many different slang terms there are for money. I was reminded of this when originally brainstorming for blog name ideas. ReplyCancel

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