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Yakezie Carnival: My Momma Told Me Edition

On a sunny morning in middle of May (Steve Zussino @ Grocery Alerts)
A mother goose (Amanda L Grossman @ Frugal Confessions) gathers her gooselings around
“Listen carefully to what I have to say,
Even better, here, write the keywords down” (Jon Rhodes @ Affiliate Tips)

“Education is important, but you can cut college costs (Dr. Dean @ The Millionaire Nurse Blog)
And for a higher income, a college is not a must (Sean @ One Smart Dollar)
The economy is sucky, but you can still find a job (Shilpan @ Street Smart Finance)
Listen to my career advice and trust (Jeremy @ Modest Money)

Every job teaches you something new (MMD @ MyMoneyDesign)
Here are 3 O’s of Success (KrantCents) for you to read
You can reach an income level you consider rich (Eddie @ Finance Fox)
As long as my advice you will heed

When you get a credit card (SB @ Finance Product Reviews) look for something good (Timothy @ Wealth Artisan)
Avoid consumer debt and pay cash instead (KT @ Personal Finance Journey)
You can reward yourself with some luxury (Jen @ Master the Art of Saving)
But don’t let lifestyle inflation go to your head! (Teacher Man @ My University Money)

When it comes to investing (J Wayne @ All Things Finance) you should know
There are risks in every go (SB @ One Cent at a Time)
Learn from the best like Warren Buffett (J.P. @ Novel Investor)
Establish a good allocation of asset (YFS @Your Finances Simplified)

Retiring early is hard to do (Ryan @ Early Retirement Investments)
future inflation rates can go up or down (Luke @ Learn Bonds)
S&P 500 Return Calculator (PK @ Don’t Quit Your Day Job)

Lay many nest eggs, mother goose continued
Have a few rental nest eggs (Lance @ Money Life & More) set as well
Don’t get caught up in investing fads (Teacher Man @ Young And Thrifty)
Dodge investment scams (Tushar @ Start Investing Money) from those with a scheme to sell

When you meet that one very special someone (Michelle @ See Debt Run)
And your heart suddenly go pitter patter
Spend spend some money but don’t let the pursestrings fall too loose (Everything Finance @ Everything Finance Blog)
Don’t serve your finances up on a wedding platter (Daniel @ Sweating the Big Stuff)

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