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A Long Weekend in Boston: What I Spent

I dropped off the face of the internets for the past week because… I have been enjoying a little pre-wedding vacation in Boston! If every season could be like May or September in Boston, I would move there in a heartbeat, insane rents be dammed. For now, though, CB and I are enjoying time as tourists in the gorgeous Spring weather. We had a very fun, very full three-and-a-half days, and we didn’t really keep a budget (oops). The accounting waited til we got home…

Cost of Boston Trip

  • Flights on Virgin America: $680
  • Local transportation: $112 – we both had Charlie Cards and went everything on the T. For our day trips, we took the commuter rail to Salem and Concord.
  • Snacks & water: $18 – including a $3 bag of Pop Chips on the flight.
  • Food: $251 – $60 bar tab at Lineage, $8 Boston Cream Pie at the Omni Parker House, $3/slice pizza and everything in between.
  • Entertainment & tours: $118 - we purchased 2 tickets to Museum of Science ($54), a Salem history tour ($32), canoe rental in Concord ($14), and admission to the Louisa May Alcott house ($18).
  • Hotel: $314 – Boston isn’t exactly a poster child for affordable accomodations, so we decided to try out AirBnB for the first time. A review is going up this week.

We spent a grand total of $1,487, or an average of $212.43 per person, per day.

It appears that our budget came in line with our previous Boston trips, and in fact our food costs were a $100 lower than what we had spent before, even though we love eating out on vacationsOur secret? Have a mid-afternoon or early evening snack at the bar of some ritzy place (to take in the atmosphere!), but then get a late-night dinner at local favorite or hole-in-the-wall. This plan worked out wonderfully. On Friday, for example, we met with a couple of friends for drinks, appetizers, and dessert at the Omni Parker House in Beacon Hill ($30). After 3 hours, we ambled over to tacos at Felipe’s Taqueria in Harvard Square ($9). We could’ve NEVER eaten a dinner at Omni Parker House for $40 for the two of us, but because we had food at the bar instead of a full meal, we got to have the best of both worlds.icon wink A Long Weekend in Boston: What I Spent


boston trip A Long Weekend in Boston: What I Spent

  • jeff sustainlifeblog - Looks like you had quite a great time! I have only been to boston once but really enjoyed it. I also really like your plan of going to the nice places for a drink and a small bit and then waiting a bit for dinner. I may have to try that sometime – also, there's a good pizza place in harvard square, I hope you stumbled in there! ReplyCancel

  • Katherine - Great tip, I do the same thing with hotel lounges and have a late afternoon snack! Felipe's is where I spent many a late night!! Although IMO it can't beat Mexican food in California :) ReplyCancel

  • Kendal - Great advice! I was in Vegas over the weekend and dodged airline food costs by sneaking my own pistachios, trail mix and granola bars on the plane. My husband and I eat our way through vacations too, and I love your advice on eating and drinking at the bar of a ritzy place and hitting up a local food stand for late-night cravings. Boston is on my "30 before 30 list" so I'm bookmarking this post for recommendations on things to see and places to eat. Thanks for sharing! ReplyCancel

  • MyMoneyDesign.com - I was wondering where you vanished to… Boston sounds fun. It looks like it was very affordable. Glad you had a good time! ReplyCancel

  • Michelle - Sounds like a good trip! I'm excited to hear about what you thought of airbnb. We used it last year for our Miami trip. ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - I've always wanted to visit Boston. At one point my husband and I thought about moving there but then we found out how much rent would be. Looks like you all had a great time. ReplyCancel

  • seedebtrun - I've never been to Boston, but it looks lovely. Looks like you had a nice time. The snack/late dinner tip is priceless. You really thought of everything! Welcome back!
    -M ReplyCancel

  • AirBnB: A Guest's Review | Well Heeled Blog - [...] spent three nights at an AirBnB house for our visit to Boston. It was our first stay via AirBnB, and so I wasn’t quite sure what to [...]ReplyCancel

  • ryan @ryanparedez - That's a good idea. I like hole in the wall places myself. I only really like going out to fancy clubs or bars where I can dress nice occasionally.

    I'd personally rather spend my money on activities. Tourist stuff a hockey game or hanging out at multiple bars all day.
    Taking in the local scenery and life.

    Sounds like you had a nice trip. I'll go to boston one day ReplyCancel

  • longtermfoodsupply - WoW! I wish I would also have the opportunity to go there. I haven't been to Boston so I really can't say how good the place is. But after reading your blog and seeing the photos, it gave me a perfect idea to spend my next vacation there. thanks a lot! ReplyCancel

  • Kate - Glad that you had a great time on your visit to Boston! It can be very expensive or very cheap depending on how you do it! Loved your tip about doing an evening snack at a fun place and then eating later at a much cheaper place. You definitely save money that way, especially if you can find late night deals & promos :) ReplyCancel

  • Mark - Not bad for a long vacation. We had a similar experience when we flew across the Atlantic and stayed at the hotel luton. Honestly, I still can't believe how much we didn't spend. ReplyCancel

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