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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Fess Up Friday: What’s All This Planning FOR?

Tweet It’s been hard to write about money – mostly because I have now quit my job, packed up my stuff, and gotten ready to clear out my savings to pay for the first year of business school. In short, it’s been a lot of cash OUTFLOW and a bare trickle of cash inflow. I also found out […]

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Guest Post on Add-Vodka: Clothing Alterations

Tweet I guest posted on Daisy’s blog on something that’s been sucking up a lot of my money lately: clothing alterations. But now that I see how properly tailored clothes fit and flatter, I am committed to making alterations a permanent part of my clothing budget. Let me know what you think!

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Honeymoon Spending Summary

Tweet I crunched the numbers, and thanks to credit card sign-on bonuses and miles, we did a 9-day Argentina honeymoon for under $3,000. Flights (international & domestic): $1,200 All spending in Argentina: $1,560.33 This is broken down into: (a) hotels: $220. We stayed at a small hotel in a not-so-good part of town for 4 […]

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Would You Ever Buy a Used Mattress?

Tweet My current apartment is furnished with furniture thrifted from Craiglist, IKEA pieces, or hand-me-downs from the parents. In fact, our place has no piece of furniture that costs us more than $100. Now that I am moving across the country, I will need at least new furniture in my bedroom: a bed frame, mattress, […]

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Ways To Save on a Hotel

Tweet This is a guest post by Michelle at Making Sense of Cents. She writes about personal finance related topics such as budgets, student loans, and making money, but also talk a lot about traveling, beauty and food – and especially of her favorite topic – travel! I’ve found that the best way to save money is […]

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Living Without A Car: Am I Crazy?

Tweet Living in Southern California and having a 35-mile commute means that I drive. A lot. So one of the things I am most looking forward to graduate school is to living close to campus and trying out the car-free lifestyle for a couple of years. Until I got into the awesome school I am […]

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Fess Up Friday: take my money NOW!

Tweet My fall semester tuition ($20,000) isn’t due until classes start in August. But I have this urge to just send over my money to the school RIGHT NOW. Just so I wouldn’t have all this money sitting in my savings account and make me feel richer than I actually am. I want to adjust […]

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Is Travel The New Way to “Keep Up With The Jonses”?

Tweet Here’s something that went through my mind as I click through my friends’ Facebooks and look at the glorious pictures of their time in Europe or Asia or Africa: Can travel become another form of consumption? Another way to “keep up with the Jonses”? Experts tell us that spending on experiences tend to make […]

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I’m Married!

Tweet This is a quick post to capture my feelings about, well, tying the knot! I still can’t believe that we are married. In some ways I feel like we are still way too young, and in other ways it feels like marriage will change nothing at all. It was really nice to see our […]

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