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Monthly Archives: July 2012

I NEED a Car… Now, New or Used?

Tweet When I first moved to School City, my intention was to NOT buy a car. I even canceled my auto insurance and AAA membership. Now that I’ve been settling in for a week or so, I’ve realized that while going car-free is technically feasible, it’s not very fun. Or even practical. I don’t think there’s […]

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Stories of the Unemployed

Tweet Got 10 minutes? These unemployment stories from Gawker are definitely worth a read. Unemployment Stories Vol I: Hello from the Underclass Unemployment Stories Vol II: We are the Unseen As someone who has experienced a layoff, I’ve realized how important a career is to me, not only for financial reasons but also for personal […]

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The Cost of Setting Up House

Tweet For the past week, I’ve lacked both the time and motivation to blog about personal finance – because I’ve been spending all my time and money shopping. At least, that’s what it feels like. Moving to 3,000 miles away and setting up house required much more money than I had previously thought. Even though my preferences on […]

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Student Loans…. for Kindergarten?!

Tweet When we normally think of student loans, we imagine loans for post-high school education: community college, a bachelor’s degree, graduate school, professional programs, etc. But for some, that is no longer the case. Parents are now taking out student loans for their kids to attend KINDERGARTEN. I am usually 100% do-what-works-for-you, but this just strikes me as […]

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Holding Off on Merging Finances

Tweet There are many ways to conduct your finances as a married or other-wise-committed couple. The most common three ways (very aptly described in this Slate series) are: Common Potters or 100% combined finances, where everything goes into the same account and what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine Independent Operators or 100% individual, where you […]

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