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Stories of the Unemployed

Got 10 minutes? These unemployment stories from Gawker are definitely worth a read.

Unemployment Stories Vol I: Hello from the Underclass

Unemployment Stories Vol II: We are the Unseen

As someone who has experienced a layoff, I’ve realized how important a career is to me, not only for financial reasons but also for personal and identity reasons. Unemployment is a huge shock to the system, and it’s a shock that many people have to overcome while they are wrestling with questions of self-worth, with the feeling of being forgotten, along with the more practical problems of how to pay rent, buy food, and see a doctor.

I will never, ever take for granted my ability to support myself financially, and I will never, ever look down on people who have gone through long-term unemployment (or even short-term unemployment).

  • lkrant - Those stories are horrific! It makes me glad that I have a job! The worst part of losing your job is you need to become a good marketer of yourself to get the next one. It usually requires skills we are unfamiliar with. Most of us do not have the experience or the skills because we are not marketers. In a perfect world, we would all network when we do not need to and only work for successful companies. The world is not perfect and neither are we. It can happen to any of us. ReplyCancel

  • moneyaftergrad - Wow.. I feel really blessed that I've never been unemployed. It really is one of my greatest fears. ReplyCancel

  • belowhermeans - Thanks for linking these, provided some good (informative) night time reading. ReplyCancel

  • GirlNDGuideTF - I posted the same link! These stories really made me appreciate my job. ReplyCancel

  • makinthebacon1 - Thanks for sharing this. I was unemployed briefly after quitting a stressful job that was ruining my health and underemployed for almost two years. However, my situation wasn't as bad as the stories that were shared on the link. It really was an eyeopener. ReplyCancel

  • Caitlin - I have a lot of friends who were unemployed at some point and they often say that the impact to self-esteem is something no one who has not suffered unemployment will ever understand. I am always fearful of getting unemployed (since I am at a "start up") and I think it also becomes more and more difficult to land on your feet quickly as you move up the ladder.

    Thanks for sharing these articles. They are truly eye opening ReplyCancel

  • Housewife Emprie - Amen! It's really bad out there now, and we as a society need to come together and take care of each other now more than ever.. ReplyCancel

  • David - Those stories are terrifying… I definitely agree with 'Housewife Emprie' we need to come together and bring the economy back to its former state. I've got to say these stories just push me harder to make a living on my own and become financially stable that way. ReplyCancel

  • jessie - I've also been going through this recently as my company closed down our branch. Thanks for sharing, its good to know others are in the same situation. Its good look on the bright side and try to lean new skills in the meantime. ReplyCancel

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