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Our House: Common Overspending Traps to Avoid



Whether you’re paying off a mortgage or happily renting, taking care of housing costs can be time consuming. When you’ve got a full time job, a social life, and frankly, far more appealing activities to be getting on with, brushing financial admin under the carpet can be incredibly easy to do.

As a result – from splashing out on daily essentials to avoiding monthly overheads – homeowners and tenants often fall into various habits. If you’d like to ease your financial constraints in the upcoming months, consider whether you are overspending on…


Due to longer working hours and less time spent with loved ones, it’s easy to forget about sitting down and eating as a family. It’s also far easier to fall into the trap of expensive takeaways and last-minute stops at the supermarket. But could this be one of the biggest factors in your lack of money? Consider the alternative; by planning ahead and mapping out your daily meals, you could figure out all the items you’ll need to buy instead of overspending unnecessarily at the last minute. Why not get your weekly groceries delivered? As well as being a great time saver, online shopping is also a ready-made calculator, so you’ll be able to break down just how much you’re spending each week.


Figuring out your home insurance is one of the best ways to ensure financial security. Not only will the correct cover protect you and your family from future damage, but by getting the best rate possible, you’ll also be able to save money in the meantime. Whether you’re a homeowner or fall under your landlord’s up to £50,000 content insurance plan, it’s always worth shopping around for the deal that’s right for you. Just remember to always check exactly what you’re covered for… It’s all well and good getting a cheap deal from 50% off home insurance, but if certain contents aren’t protected, you’re guaranteed to kick yourself in future.


Although direct debit can be an incredibly convenient way of paying your monthly bills, it’s a method which can also contribute to you keeping your head stuck firmly in the sand. If you’re not aware of what’s going out, how can you be expected to budget? From broadband and phones, to electricity and gas, utilities are often unnecessarily pricey and easily changeable. Whatever company you are with, try asking for a cheaper deal.  If all else fails, threaten to change to another! They’re guaranteed to change their minds then.


The word ‘luxury’ might not sound like the standard of living you are used to, but from furniture to washing powder, there are many different areas of the home which require an extra bit of money here and there. So whether you buy that coffee table second hand, or switch to economy branded orange juice, you can save money on luxuries without even really noticing.

Having your own home needn’t result in a financial headache. Just by being aware of the aforementioned overspending traps, you’ll be much less likely to fall into them!

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  • Jordan H - I always think of food as the cheapest thing to spend on per month, but then I thought about how you spend money on food multiple times throughout the month. Now I'm always trying to find nice sales at my local grocery stores.. ReplyCancel

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