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Simplifying My Financial Life

In the interest of crafting a life of deeper happiness and less busywork, I’m trying to simplify my personal finances so I can spend fewer hours on money management and more time on… other things I enjoy.

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This means I have:

  • Put my main credit card on auto-payment
  • Paid off my other credit cards so that I will only have to check them once in a while to make sure that the balance is still $0
  • Took these other credit cards out of my wallet and into a specified place in my home so that I will only be using my main card for the majority of my purchases
  • Canceled my Netflix monthly membership – one fewer thing to worry about!

My plan for the next week:

  • Cancel the credit card that I no longer use (it’s not my oldest so the hit to my credit shouldn’t be too bad)
  • Submit a claim for the unclaimed $25 I have in an long-forgotten checking account
  • Prepay my rent for November and December

My plan for October:

  • File paperwork to get sign-on bonus, put money into checking account so that CB and I can max out our Roth IRA for 2014 once January rolls around
  • Re-balance my retirement portfolio

What are your tips to simplify your personal finances?

  • erinmal17 - Sounds like a plan! I have put all of my bills and debt payments on automatic withdrawal (which is the greatest thing ever!). I am planning on closing out an old checking account next week and I opened up a Personal Capital account to track income and expenses. ReplyCancel

  • enwealthen - Our primary simplification tool is to use our joint credit card for the majority of our purchases. It simplifies the book keeping.

    That said, we still spend a fair amount of time paying attention to our money. It's the only way to be sure we understand our current financial state and progress towards our goals. Automating your finances too much makes it too easy to get complacent. It's the one place that I can be sure any time invested will give me great returns over the long run. ReplyCancel

  • GoGirl’s Week in Finance: Oct. 1 - […] finances have grown more complex, according to a survey from Aite Group and Chase Blueprint. But with a little effort, it’s not too difficult to simplify your finances and it can be well worth your […]ReplyCancel

  • save.spend.splurge. - I tried to simplify but no single bank gives me everything I need. ūüėź ReplyCancel

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