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Life & death: do you have your shit together?

Tweet If you died suddenly, will your partner or spouse know how to fend for themselves in the midst of grief? Will your partner or family member know what your wishes were, will he/she have power of attorney to settle your affairs, access your accounts, have enough money to get through the first week, month, […]

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My First Car Accident

Tweet For the first time since I’ve gotten my license in 2003, I got into a car accident. Worse of all, I was at fault. Chalk it up to a case of stop-and-go traffic, a sudden braking by the cars in front of me, and my look down to change the radio station to country […]

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Ring Insurance

Tweet How’d you guys go about it? Any tips or recommendations? I am getting my ring resized and will be able to wear it soon.. but I won’t be able to stop worrying until it’s safely insured.

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Joint Car Insurance Policy Between Unmarried Couples

Tweet CB and I discussed the possibility of us combining our car insurance policies once we move in together. As it does with many unmarried couples, it took us some time and research (and discussions) to decide how we wanted to proceed. I actually couldn’t find too much information on joint car policy for unmarried […]

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Annual Mileage Estimate Can Lower Car Insurance Premiums

Tweet This post has been Consumeristed! There are many financial issues to consider after you’ve been laid off. Filing for unemployment benefits. Signing up for COBRA or researching health insurance options. Rolling over your 401k. Reviewing the household budget. I didn’t realize, at the time, that reviewing your auto insurance policy is also a great […]

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Is Pet Insurance A Good Idea? (or, Would You Go In Credit Card Debt To Treat Your Sick Pet?)

Tweet People buy medical insurance to protect themselves from the costs of catastrophic illnesses. Now that pets are such an important part of many families, should you also buy insurance for your furry friends? One option is to self-insure, i.e. put away money periodically for your pet’s future medical costs. As treatment options (and their […]

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