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What did you do with your wedding pictures?

Tweet It has been 9 months since CB and I officially tied the knot. Our wedding pictures are still sitting in the CD the photographer sent us. I’ve uploaded some to Facebook and my computer, and occasionally I’ll look at a few, but we still haven’t gone to Costco to make physical prints of our […]

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Investing in a Long Distance Relationship

Tweet You guys warned me, but I didn’t listen… long distance relationships are expensive! And most of those expenses fall into the form of cross-country airfare. When CB and I first decided to do this let’s-start-our-marriage-on-opposite-coasts deal, I thought we’d be fine seeing each other every couple of months. Now that we’ve been apart for […]

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Honeymoon Spending Summary

Tweet I crunched the numbers, and thanks to credit card sign-on bonuses and miles, we did a 9-day Argentina honeymoon for under $3,000. Flights (international & domestic): $1,200 All spending in Argentina: $1,560.33 This is broken down into: (a) hotels: $220. We stayed at a small hotel in a not-so-good part of town for 4 […]

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5 Tips for Sane & Stress-Free Wedding Planning

Tweet Every time I log onto my wedding website, a little countdown stares back at me: my wedding is in a month! Most of the big items are booked, signed, and paid for (at least in part). Our invitations have gone out and our registry is set up. For the first time, I am really start to ENJOY […]

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Save vs. Splurge for Wedding Night Hotel

Tweet What do you do when you realized that you picked a really popular area to get married during the start of the tourist high season? I find myself in that position, as I scour the interwebs for a hotel for our wedding night / mini-moon. It turns out that Santa Barbara - one of my favorite cities in […]

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Seeking: Words of Wisdom for Newlyweds

Tweet Most of the folks in the personal finance blogosphere have probably heard about J.D.’s announcement on Get Rich Slowly. At last view, the post had over 350 comments. I don’t have anything of value to add, except to say that I wish the best for both J.D. and Kris, and also admit that I was caught off guard […]

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Blogging About Personal Finance When You Are Married

Tweet In 8 months, I’ll be tying the knot. Jumping the broom. Getting hitched. Taking the plunge. Getting married changes many things. For example, once CB and I get married, I will be able to (1) file taxes jointly, (2) make healthcare decisions for him if he should become incapacitated, and (3) invoke my spousal privilege […]

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How Engagement Changed Our Finances

Tweet Engagement is that strange, twilight period where you are still single in the eyes of the law, but that you have made promises to each other to become something more – a legally sanctioned partnership with all the rights and obligations accorded to you by the state. I am not sure how much impact […]

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