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Fess Up Friday: take my money NOW!

Tweet My fall semester tuition ($20,000) isn’t due until classes start in August. But I have this urge to just send over my money to the school RIGHT NOW. Just so I wouldn’t have all this money sitting in my savings account and make me feel richer than I actually am. I want to adjust […]

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What to do with a Windfall or Bonus

Tweet Thanks to a quarterly bonus, my bank account will be getting some extra love in the next paycheck. After 401K deduction and withholding for taxes, I should be seeing a $3,000 windfall. I am really happy about this boost, as I look into the future months and see only cash out without the corresponding cash […]

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Fess Up Friday: Cheap Wedding Band Edition

Tweet I guess with today’s confession, if you meet me at the Financial Blogger Conference, you’ll know the band of sparkle on my finger is not the real deal. How sentimental are you about your wedding bands? Is it OK to get cheap rings now and upgrade them later? You’ll see from our $7,000 wedding budget that […]

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Are You an Abstainer or a Moderator?

Tweet When it comes to goals, there are two types of people out there: Abstainers and Moderators Many personal finance bloggers try out “no-spend” or “no-shop” challenges where they abstain from certain purchases for a set period of time. I’ve never had much success with these types of challenges (in fact, I rarely go 2 months without […]

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License to Wed

Tweet What’s the best way to spend $100 on your wedding? Getting the piece of paper that will make it legal. This weekend, we spent $100.50 to become proud owners of the license to wed (said in my best James Bond impression). After we went to the clerk, CB confessed his fear. Apparently, he had […]

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Cost of Getting an MBA: An Analysis

Tweet I think I’ve come to a decision on business school. In the end, it came down to two schools, one that will cost me ~$27,000/year in tuition and the other will cost me ~$40,000/year in tuition. Over two years, that would be a difference of $26,000. This isn’t an easy decision. I hashed it […]

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High Prices in Fashion Magazines

Tweet I am a big magazine subscription fan. Right now, I have subscriptions to Real Simple, Scientific American, Marie Claire, and I pick up copies of InStyle and Martha Stewart once in a while. What I’ve noticed is that many of the clothing, accessories, and shoes featured in fashion magazines have gone from merely expensive to completely ridiculous […]

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Groom vs. Bride: Wedding Attire

Tweet Looking for the perfect men’s suit Less than three months before the wedding, CB has found a suit. The groom’s wedding attire is usually much easier to get than the bride’s, but in our case the opposite was true. My dress search was relatively painless: I purchased my dress at retail price and had […]

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What Losing Weight Taught Me About Saving Money

Tweet There is a natural parallel between losing weight and saving money. For the past several months, CB has been on a weight loss journey. In the middle of January, I joined him. True, we want to look good for the wedding (because there’s nothing like having your appearance captured by pictures that will last […]

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