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The Monthly Cost of Technology

Tweet Our lives are gadgety ones. Technology has become such a big part of our professional and personal identities that it’s hard to imagine what it was like before the advent of cell phones, cable, e-readers, and the like. But all that technology doesn’t come cheap. When I was in middle school, pagers and AOL […]

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i Can Resist the iPad?

Tweet Last weekend, CB and I went to a Cheesecake Factory for dinner. While we were waiting for our seats, we noticed an Apple store nearby, beckoning us with its sleek displays and floor-to-ceiling glass walls. So like lambs to the slaughter, we went. I don’t own anything made by Apple (except for an iShuffle […]

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Swimming in a Sea of Consumer Electronic Devices

Tweet Recently, I became the proud owner of a netbook.  However, even after the netbook was purchased, the netbook-related expenses didn’t end (wireless mouse – $20. Neoprene sleeve: $20). These add-on purchases made me think of all the accessories that our electronic communication devices require. Now that we are awash in a word of smart […]

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I Have A Netbook

Tweet Last year I wrote a post on the netbook. I’ve wanted one for a while now, but always resisted actually buying one, because I didn’t need it. But last night, CB told me he had a surprise for me. Guess what it was… A brand new ASUS Eee PC 1005PE seashell with a 10.1 […]

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New Laptop Computer On A Budget

Tweet My first (and only) laptop has lasted me 6 years. It is still functional, but I can’t go on with it any more. The computer doesn’t have Microsoft Office (somehow it stopped updating) and has become increasingly slow. Now, I use it as a very bulky, very slow version of a netbook – only good […]

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Tech Cravings for a Netbook

Tweet Growing up, I’ve never been very techie, nor have I been an early-adapter of any kind. I was the last kid in my middle school class to have AIM. I didn’t get a cell phone until senior year of high school. I don’t have an iPhone. My computer is 5 years old. Ironically, even […]

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