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Honeymoon Spending Summary

Tweet I crunched the numbers, and thanks to credit card sign-on bonuses and miles, we did a 9-day Argentina honeymoon for under $3,000. Flights (international & domestic): $1,200 All spending in Argentina: $1,560.33 This is broken down into: (a) hotels: $220. We stayed at a small hotel in a not-so-good part of town for 4 […]

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I’m Married!

Tweet This is a quick post to capture my feelings about, well, tying the knot! I still can’t believe that we are married. In some ways I feel like we are still way too young, and in other ways it feels like marriage will change nothing at all. It was really nice to see our […]

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Etsy vs. eBay: You May Be Paying More for the Same Thing

Tweet I have officially decided to forgo the $260 hair piece that MOST of you advised me against buying. ;) Instead, I looked for something a little bit more understated, a little bit more budget friendly, but still has that vintage flare I love. Etsy presents a myriad of chioces of headbands, fascinators, combs and brooches, and I fell in […]

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5 Tips for Sane & Stress-Free Wedding Planning

Tweet Every time I log onto my wedding website, a little countdown stares back at me: my wedding is in a month! Most of the big items are booked, signed, and paid for (at least in part). Our invitations have gone out and our registry is set up. For the first time, I am really start to ENJOY […]

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Fess Up Friday: Cheap Wedding Band Edition

Tweet I guess with today’s confession, if you meet me at the Financial Blogger Conference, you’ll know the band of sparkle on my finger is not the real deal. How sentimental are you about your wedding bands? Is it OK to get cheap rings now and upgrade them later? You’ll see from our $7,000 wedding budget that […]

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License to Wed

Tweet What’s the best way to spend $100 on your wedding? Getting the piece of paper that will make it legal. This weekend, we spent $100.50 to become proud owners of the license to wed (said in my best James Bond impression). After we went to the clerk, CB confessed his fear. Apparently, he had […]

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Bridal Shower + Tea Party

Tweet My future sister-in-law threw me the most beautiful bridal shower & tea party this weekend. Instead of going to a tea room, she MADE this incredible spread (including my favorites: home-baked cranberry and orange scones and chocolate-covered strawberries!) and a few friends, myself, and her spent almost 5 hours eating, laughing, and talking. See […]

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Groom vs. Bride: Wedding Attire

Tweet Looking for the perfect men’s suit Less than three months before the wedding, CB has found a suit. The groom’s wedding attire is usually much easier to get than the bride’s, but in our case the opposite was true. My dress search was relatively painless: I purchased my dress at retail price and had […]

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$10,000 Wedding Cash from Mom & Dad

Tweet Our wedding budgeting is about to get a whole lot easier. My parents have decided to give me $10,000 cash as a gift for my wedding. A 2009 New York Times Bucks column asked readers what they would do with cash from parents – use it as a wedding contribution or save it for […]

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