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Food Budget Inflation Rampant: Time to Wave the White Flag or Double Down and Try Harder?

Tweet In the Me vs. Food Spending competition, the statistics are currently thus: Food Spending 10, Me -3 Fighting a never-ending battle with food costs In November 2010, I spent $336 on Food & Dining ($185 groceries / $151 restaurants). In December 2010, I spent $297 ($78 groceries / $219 restaurants). In January 2011, I […]

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Sushi: An Expensive Culinary Habit

Tweet I am far from the suavest of sushi aficionados (try as I might, the most adventurous I get in terms of raw fish is with tuna sashimi, and I love rolls). Even at a more pedantic level of enjoyment, however, sushi is an expensive culinary habit. Case in point: Last Saturday night CB and […]

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Tasty Thursday: Ode to Crab Cakes

Tweet Because crab cakes are so good, prose just ain’t gonna cut it. Succulent and tender, the crab cake is king Each precious morsel makes my taste buds sing Crab cake oh crab cake, you are a true delight But it’s so difficult at a restaurant to eat right Chain establishments use white bread as […]

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Costco Recommendation: Delicious Salmon Dinner for Under $5 Per Person

Tweet Not everyone can be Julia Child. With some dishes (i.e. fish), I’m not even going to try. So I was very happy when Mom introduced me to Morey’s Marinated Wild Alaskan Salmon fillets from Costco. (if you see this product at Costco, pick it up. It’s worth it, I promise.) Six fillets for ~$14. […]

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Answer: Totally worth the $80 I spent

Tweet Question: How do I feel about the most expensive meal I’ve ever paid for by myself? The setting: Michelin-starred restaurant upon a hill. The food: delicious and well-presented. The company: my girlfriends and I, decked out in cocktail dresses and heels. But what really stayed with me was the impeccable service – friendly, informative, […]

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Tweet I just came back from dinner with a new friend (she was so much fun!!). The food was delicious, the conversation flowing, the laughter contagious. My share was around $30, including tax, tip, and valet. At my current $110 budget for eating out, I can only afford 3-4 meals like the one I’ve just […]

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