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A Spender Trapped In a Saver’s Body

Tweet A Spender vs. Saver Whenever articles come out that ask: Are you a natural-born Saver or Spender? I always think about which category I’d fall into. On the surface, I’d probably be classified as a natural saver – I save for retirement, long-term goals, big trips, etc., and I don’t live beyond my means. […]

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Food Budget Inflation Rampant: Time to Wave the White Flag or Double Down and Try Harder?

Tweet In the Me vs. Food Spending competition, the statistics are currently thus: Food Spending 10, Me -3 Fighting a never-ending battle with food costs In November 2010, I spent $336 on Food & Dining ($185 groceries / $151 restaurants). In December 2010, I spent $297 ($78 groceries / $219 restaurants). In January 2011, I […]

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Guilty Financial Pleasure: keep your hobby on a budget and make money from it

Tweet This guest post was written by Go Banking Rates, bringing you informative personal finance content and helpful tools, as well as the best interest rates on financial services nationwide. Follow them on Twitter at @GoBankingRates. Living for the moment is a rule that some people love to live by. However, since the onset of […]

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Santa Barbara On A Budget

Tweet Why Santa Barbara? Well, I have an interview half an hour away from the city, so I decided to visit my friend in beautiful Santa Barbara for a few days after the interview. Santa Barbara has been called the American Riviera for its beautiful beaches, charming downtown, and exorbitant prices! Fortunately I’ll be staying […]

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My Plans for Friday Night

Tweet Dinner with a dear old friend whom I haven’t seen in a YEAR. Then, settle in with CB and this book, and enjoy milk and cookies. Sometimes I worry that when I’m 30 or 40 I’ll regret not hitting the clubs in my 20s, but other times I’m struck by how perfectly, blissfully happy […]

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