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To Cancel Student Loans in Bankruptcy, Your Future Must be “Hopeless”

Tweet There is nothing like being a graduate student who is potentially taking on a lot of loans to appreciate all those student loan articles that surface every fall. New York Times just published a great piece on what it takes to cancel your student loans. As many know, student loans, unlike almost any other type […]

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Graduate School: (When) Should I Go?

Tweet Graduate school is a significant undertaking both in terms of time and money. During the last few months, I’ve felt some pressure from concerned family members about going to graduate school. I know they only want the best for me, but I’m glad I followed my gut instinct and pursued more work experience instead. […]

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Visit to Columbia University

Tweet While I was in NYC, I took the opportunity to visit Columbia University and sit in a couple of business school classes. The Morningside campus, under the bright September sun, looked something out of a postcard. I spent 30 minutes just sitting on a bench, enjoying the sunshine, watching students walk by, soaking in […]

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Should Parents Pay For College Education

Tweet A college education has, for a large percentage of society, become the de rigueur entry-level degree. “Should parents pay for college education” is a question where the answer is always, “it depends.” In today’s economic climate, I imagine that many parents are having the difficult talk with their kids as tuition savings have fallen […]

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