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How to Squeeze Time Out of Your Day

Tweet Time is such a funny thing… if you ask someone what he or she want the most, the answer is probably “time” (or “money”). But whereas money can be made and lost, time marches on. It offers us no do-overs, no second chances. Every second that passes is one fewer second we have. The […]

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The Black Suit: What Every Woman Needs

Tweet The perfect black suit is a staple in any professional woman’s wardrobe. This weekend, I bought a brand-new black suit from Banana Republic. It cost quite a bit ($140 for the blazer, $55 for the pencil skirt, and $55 for the matching shift dress, and that’s including a 30% in-store coupon). However, I’ve had […]

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Money Saving Tips For Shopping

Tweet This is a guest post by Mr. Credit Card of www.askmrcreditcard.com, a website on credit card offers and deals. Today, he is highlighting some of the money saving tips that has helped Mrs. Credit Card and him on their shopping trips. The opinions expressed in this post are solely those of the author (Mr. […]

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7 Steps In Overcoming Rejections In Job Search

Tweet Rejections during job search are disappointing, to be sure. Nobody likes to be told that they were qualified candidates, but the management has decided to go in another direction. In this environment, however, rejections are common-place through out the job search and interview process. After the initial disappointment wears off a bit, there’s really […]

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Travel List: What To Do Before You Leave For Vacation

Tweet This time Friday, I’ll be at Disney World hanging out with my two favorite guys – boyfriend and the Mouse! A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Here is a Travel List of “to do’s” I’ve found helpful in the few days leading up to a vacation: Travel logistics Confirm hotel reservations […]

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How to Host a Dinner Party On a Budget

Tweet Hosting a dinner party is always fun, but right now I need my get-togethers to be budget-friendly as well. Remember when I made crab cakes? That was for a group of 5 or 6 friends. The crab cakes were delicious and everyone loved them, but, crabs are expensive! Two pounds of crabs cost $20 […]

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Job Fairs: How to Prepare So You Stand Out

Tweet Job fairs can be a great opportunity for applicants to interact with many different companies. But if you don’t prepare adequately, job fairs can be a disaster. Last week, I attended a job fair – prior to the event I debated whether I should go. I had heard the horror stories about long lines […]

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Unemployed or In-Between Jobs? 4 Ways to Keep Moving and Grooving

Tweet As I enter my 3rd week of “in-between opportunities,” here’s what I’ve realized: the freedom to construct your own schedule means the responsibility to construct your own schedule. Without a job to keep me at my desk for 10+ hours a day, it’s easy while away a whole day watching YouTube and chatting with […]

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Cheap Ways to Keep Flames Alive in Your Relationship

Tweet Forget about romantic weekends at a bed & breakfast or island cruises. Those are wonderful ways to rejuvenate your relationship, but recessionary times calls for tighter budgets. Besides, simply spending time together (even in a relaxing, romantic setting) might not be enough to keep the flames burning. According to a study detailed in the […]

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