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Virginia Woolf: Personal Finance Blogger?

Tweet If the incomparable Mrs. Woolf had grown up today, perhaps she would’ve been a personal finance blogger. In fact, 80 years ago, Virginia Woolf wrote series of speeches that turned into a slim volume called A Room of One’s Own. Her writing is luminous, not at all like the dry and dull writing most […]

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A (Book)worm in the Big Apple

Tweet Tomorrow I will check out a few book stores. On my short-list are Idlewild Books and Three Lives. Otherwise, I’ll probably just walk around and pop into whatever store that catches my fancy. I love books, and I love bookstores – old, new, big-chain, mom-and-pop. That’s why even though the Kindle has gotten rave reviews, […]

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Readers, Can You Help Me Find This Book?

Tweet Here’s something that has been nagging at me for the past several years. I am trying to look for a book that I’ve read as a child, but have completely forgotten the title, author, or in generally, any specific information that can help me search the book in Amazon or Google. So, here is […]

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I love the public library

Tweet Using the public library is one of those standard personal finance advice – you know, get a library card & cut back on renting movies or buying books to save a bundle. That advice is almost trite, but it works. And I LOVE it! I frequent 2 libraries – one near work, and one […]

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