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Restaurant Cuisine Hierarchy: Why Are There More Expensive French Restaurants Than Expensive Chinese Restaurants?

Tweet Have you noticed that the nicest, most expensive restaurants usually offer French / Continental cuisine, whereas Asian restaurants (Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.) and Mexican restaurants are usually at a much lower price point? Of course, that statement is not an absolute – but on the whole, the most expensive restaurants (think those with Michelin […]

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Interesting Facts About Off-Price Retailers (i.e. TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc.)

Tweet TJ Maxx Event This morning I had the pleasure of going to a TJ Maxx event held for bloggers (thanks to @happysquid), where we went on a “behind-the-scenes” tour and listened to Allison Deyette, a fashion consultant, talk about latest trends for the fall. (below: the backroom where 10,000 pieces are processed every week) […]

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Profits & Markups in the Fashion Industry (or, Did Banana Republic Make Money Off My $20 Dress?)

Tweet Given the proliferation of recession sales lately, I’ve been wondering about its effects on retailers, specifically women’s apparel. I recently purchased a linen dress from Banana Republic. It’s MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) is $98, but after several discounts, I purchased the dress for $20. So, how much of a markup did Banana Republic still receive? Did the retailer still […]

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The Coffee Wars: McDonald’s McCafe vs. Starbucks

Tweet McDonald’s and Starbucks are two of the most successful and iconic consumer brands in the world. In recent weeks, I’ve received several new coupons for McDonald’s new McCafe lattes and mochas through it’s big marketing push for the new drinks. Starbucks (who has been struggling lately after years of out-performance) must be concerned about […]

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Is frugality a trend? And will it stick?

Tweet Frugality is the new trendy? Reading articles on declining consumer spending and increasing saving rates (and watching new words such recessionista, frugalista, and cheap-chic enter the lexicon) has made me wonder: has frugality gotten too trendy? And, will it stick? Frugality isn’t an issue I write on, because I’ve never claimed to be frugal […]

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