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Fess Up Friday: take my money NOW!

Tweet My fall semester tuition ($20,000) isn’t due until classes start in August. But I have this urge to just send over my money to the school RIGHT NOW. Just so I wouldn’t have all this money sitting in my savings account and make me feel richer than I actually am. I want to adjust […]

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Looking Ahead… At Student Loans

Tweet Congratulations! Now please hand over $100,000 and your first-born. I have heard from my second and third business school. I got in! Now that business school is really going to happen, I am also figuring out what it means to be a full-time student again. The MBA programs I applied to cost around $150,000-$160,000 […]

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Guess Who Is Going to Business School

Tweet Apparently, I am. I have received my first official acceptance of this application season, to one of “the 15 schools who make up the Top 10 MBA programs in the U.S.”* I am so happy and grateful that all that legwork and homework have paid off. For this one school in particular, I attended […]

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Travel Planning – the costs add up!

Tweet Do you ever think that you are doing a great job keeping costs down on an upcoming trip, but once you’ve added up everything, you think – wow that’s a lot of money! CB and I are planning a trip to Boston area for me to interview at a business school and then to spend […]

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How Much Is That MBA In the Window?

Tweet How much is that MBA in the window? That two-year three-lettered degree? How much is that MBA in the window? The loans will be the death of me! The MBA application season has started (cue resume updates, essay writing, interview prep, cross-country campus visits, and lots and lots of $$$). Even though the application […]

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Big Long Post Inspired By An MBA Reception

Tweet A few weeks ago I attended a reception for an East Coast business school. I was surprised at how many alumni showed up, given that the alumni network out here in California must not be that big. I was very impressed by the speakers – their passion for their school obviously shows. Here are […]

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Is Austin, Texas Heaven On Earth?

Tweet Because apparently Austin has some magic water that induces delirious happiness in its residents. According to the myriad of new articles, blogs, and research surveys that list Austin as a “Best Place to Live”, the city is kind of perfect. So, in an effort to see for myself, I will be visiting Austin for […]

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Visit to Columbia University

Tweet While I was in NYC, I took the opportunity to visit Columbia University and sit in a couple of business school classes. The Morningside campus, under the bright September sun, looked something out of a postcard. I spent 30 minutes just sitting on a bench, enjoying the sunshine, watching students walk by, soaking in […]

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