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The Traps of Mental Accounting: Why We Treat Money From Different Sources Differently

Tweet Do you practice mental accounting? Most people do. Do you treat $1,000 that you receive as part of your regular salary differently than the same amount from a bonus or a winning lottery ticket? Research says yes, we do treat money differently, even though we shouldn’t. We are more apt to splurge (on expensive […]

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Saving for Retirement: Love It? Hate It?

Tweet Growing up, I never had personal finance as part of the curriculum. But everything I’ve learned about motivation to save for retirement, I’ve learned in high school. Recently, TeacHer Finance wrote a post sharing her perspective – she hates saving for retirement.  I understand her reasons.. maybe that’s why I don’t really think about […]

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When the Thrill of Blogging is Gone

Tweet The title of this post doesn’t refer to me (the thrill of personal finance? Gone? Nonsense!), but to the recently-published New York Times article on the fate of “orphan” blogs left by their owners. I actually have “orphaned” several blogs. Some of them I don’t even remember the addresses – I had one at […]

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Reason #692314 I am a PF nerd

Tweet Tonight I went to Barnes & Noble to study. During breaks between problem sets, I… did NOT read Marie Claire or Real Simple or House Beautiful (all magazines I love) did NOT flip through cook books with pages and pages of photos of delicious foods did NOT dream about the latest in-style outfits in […]

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