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The Cupcake Craze

Tweet Even though the cupcake craze has swept the nation in the past few years, I haven’t been wholly impressed by most of the cupcakes I’ve tasted. Some of them were too sweet, some too dense. Others were good, sure, but nothing that made me think oh-my-this-is-GOOD. Instead of paying $3 a cupcake from pricey […]

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Tasty Thursday: Ode to Crab Cakes

Tweet Because crab cakes are so good, prose just ain’t gonna cut it. Succulent and tender, the crab cake is king Each precious morsel makes my taste buds sing Crab cake oh crab cake, you are a true delight But it’s so difficult at a restaurant to eat right Chain establishments use white bread as […]

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Sundays Are Perfect for “Eggs Benedicts” And Naps

Tweet Both of which, incidentally, cost very little. Last night, after watching Iron Chef America, I suddenly had an impulse to exercise my culinary creativity. (I spent the 20 minutes before bed thinking about what I can make for breakfast). I’ve decided to work on an improvised, healthier version of eggs benedict, both to save […]

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Costco Recommendation: Delicious Salmon Dinner for Under $5 Per Person

Tweet Not everyone can be Julia Child. With some dishes (i.e. fish), I’m not even going to try. So I was very happy when Mom introduced me to Morey’s Marinated Wild Alaskan Salmon fillets from Costco. (if you see this product at Costco, pick it up. It’s worth it, I promise.) Six fillets for ~$14. […]

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Entertaining At Home > Restaurants (Sometimes)

Tweet Lately, I’ve been trying to cook more. As a rite of passage into “adulthood”, I’ve began inviting friends over and hosting dinner parties. In the past 3 months, I’ve had a housewarming party, a brunch gathering (featuring eggs benedict with homemade hollandaise sauce and cinnamon swirl french toast), two dinners with a girlfriend, and a dinner party, […]

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Le petit chef (in training)

Tweet CB has agreed to eat whatever I cook. *evil laughter* Okay, I’m kidding about the evil part. This morning I made scrambled eggs, and this might sound silly, but they were good (and yes, I’ve made bad scrambled eggs before). I plated the food, set the table, and it was fun. I like cooking […]

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