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A Beginner’s Stab at Minimalism

Tweet ***By “stab” I mean “attempt to streamline and curate my possessions”, not “attack minimalism with a fork.” My complicated relationship with minimalism Minimalism has been big topic in the blogosphere for the past year or so, coexisting nicely with other Generation-Y phrases such as “lifestyle design,” “location independence,” and “my life rocks and if […]

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Fabulous Weddings for MUCH LESS Than $10,000? 4 Examples Of How It’s Possible

Tweet When my boyfriend and I first started talking about weddings, we were both relieved to find out that our expectations are, well, quite low achievable. Last night, CB mentioned to me that he’d rather have a small wedding and spend most of our money on traveling. “Is that okay?” he asked. “That is (absolutely […]

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The Thin Line Between Minimalist & Moocher

Tweet Minimalism seem to be all the rage right now – I see it as a collective reaction against the excesses of the past decade, coupled by the necessity of having to cut back amidst economic uncertainty.  But could you cut back so much that you step over the line between minimalist and cross into […]

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Biggest Money Conflict Ever: Is My Career Worth It?

Tweet This post is a guest post by Simple Life in France for the My Honey, My Money series. Simple Life is a U.S. citizen who has relocated permanently to France, her husband’s homeland, in search of a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle. Here she talks about her biggest money conflict. Imagine this: you land […]

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Decluttered Closet –> Decluttered Life?

Tweet I know I’ve talked about decluttering before, but I haven’t been very stringent in deciding what things to toss vs. keep. This week, I made the cut a little deeper and cleared out another bag of clothing, accessories, and knick-knacks to be dropped off at Goodwill. This undertaking just reaffirmed what I already know: […]

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