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401K Maxed Out!

Tweet My biggest financial news for June is that I’ve hit $16,500 in contributions to the 401K.  I am happy that I’ve done so, but for the most part I don’t really feel much difference in my net pay. Once I maxed out the 401K, I zeroed out my W-4 deductions and set up automatic […]

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2x Income = Retirement Goal by 30?

Tweet I looked at an old post of mine from August 2007, when I had $11,400 saved for retirement. I was so excited that my fund balance broke into the “five digits”! Now, I am aiming for my retirement accounts to break into the six figures by the middle of next year. My current balance […]

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Will Social Security Be There When I Retire?

Tweet Will social security be there when I retire? Probably, but with caveats One common refrain I’ve heard is that today’s young adults don’t (or can’t) expect Social Security (the combined Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance Trust Funds) to be there when we’re older. I understand that sentiment. There are very serious issues facing Social […]

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Working Through the “Off” Days

Tweet I’ve been dancing the tango consistently for about 2 months. I enjoy it. A couple of weeks ago, however, I felt a little “off” – my turns weren’t quite as compact, my follow not quite as responsive. I felt tired, discouraged. So this week, instead of going to tango 4 times a week, I’ve […]

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My Plans for Friday Night

Tweet Dinner with a dear old friend whom I haven’t seen in a YEAR. Then, settle in with CB and this book, and enjoy milk and cookies. Sometimes I worry that when I’m 30 or 40 I’ll regret not hitting the clubs in my 20s, but other times I’m struck by how perfectly, blissfully happy […]

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Still a Kid at Heart

Tweet The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, it is! A special thank-you to Karen and English Major for solving the question that has been bugging me for the past decade. So I requested the book from the library, and I am so excited about reading it. I love young adult books – I feel all nostalgic […]

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Into the Looking Glass

Tweet A very good friend recently told me that I seem to have things figured out. She said to me, “you keep up with current events, manage your finances, live on your own and have a ‘together’ wardrobe”. I didn’t know whether she said that because she’s an awesome girl who thinks highly of her […]

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Tweet Thank you for bearing with me as I ruminate on things that are both far more complicated and infinitely less controllable than personal finance. So I’ll get back to you when I have it figured out (in 50 years, when all computers will be implanted in our heads and we can write our blogs […]

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The Roaring Twenties

Tweet I’m smack dab in the middle of Generation Y. From speaking to my friends, reading books, articles, and blogs and hearing the stories of readers, it seems that many 20-somethings struggle with expectations and challenges of growing up, from relationships to the workplace and everything in between. On one hand, it helps to know […]

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