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Sean Cody Discount

Sean Cody discount offers let you in to one of the top amateur gay hardcore sites around for only $19.95 per month; and that’s for all exclusive content with three updates per week. If you’re like me and feeling the financial pinch you can opt for the longer-term, 12-month option and that’s where the discounts really kick in: one payment works out the same as paying $10.00 per month, a 65% reduction on the usual asking price. But who, or what is Sean Cody?

Well, he’s a porn producer who has this site where you get all kinds of hot American totty on show. The site started out as mainly a solo jerk-off one, and that was several years ago now. Now though it’s more to do with couples and action scenes, some group scenes and as the fame has spread they’ve had more guys willing to turn up, dump a load and go away again. But the thing is, these ain’t your usual guys. A lot of them are straight men, aged from 18 to late 20s, and all of them have this ‘look.’

It’s hard to explain the Sean Cody model look; it’s a mix of boy next door meets dreamboat meets jock or preppie public school guys, but all of them are hung and slim, usually smooth and with very full nuts that bust towards the end of each exclusive scene. I was asked to go and review this site only this morning and so I had a membership provided. This means I know exactly what it is like inside. It’s clean. There’s none of that nasty advertising or popping up boxes that get on my nerves. The site holds great quality movies and these are now available at 1,920 x 1,080 HD and look fan-dab-ulous; clear and sharp so you see every shaved pube (can you do that?) and every ounce of smooth flesh.

The site is set up simply so you get videos, models and then a small photo gallery with each scene. The thing is, the guys are having fun and a lot of the pics and pre-sex parts of the videos reflect this. The guys are hanging out on the beach or balling around at home and all of them are being nice and homely. You just want to run up to them and leap on them and they would probably let you. Little straight sluts!

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that yes, I’ve seen inside this site so I know what I’m banging on about, and I’m banging on about hot guys banging and getting down to sucking and fucking like horny porn stars. You can grab the standard price membership or go for the year-long one and really feel the weight of all that leftover change in your pocket. And as for who exactly Sean is? Well, the only real way to find out is to get in there and have a good nose around. You can afford to do that right now with our Sean Cody discount pass.