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BiMaxx Discount

Sorry, but this deal is not longer available. Be sure to check out our other great gay porn discounts!

Bimaxx discount offers are available here and they are perfect for anyone who wants to save money while seeing some hot MMF threesomes. We have the price down by a massive $15.00 on the 30-day pass, so even if your card is nearly maxed out you can afford Bimaxx and our offer of $19.95 for the 30-day membership.

If you’re 100% here, queer and not going shopping (as we used to shout in the good old days when gay pride marches were demonstrations and not simply parties) then you might be a bit worried about signing up to a bisexual site. But then again, if you’re like me and love to see some straight (and bi) cock, then you’re going to love this site. It’s all original and hardcore and the scenes are all MMF threesomes, which means male, male, female. Somehow they seem to keep us focused on the guys and even though they may be pussy-pounding some hot chick, at least you know those hardons are real and you’re looking at real straight (or bi) cock.

The boys do the girls while the other boy does the boy and the girl gets kind of spit-roasted, and then they swap about. The girl takes one dick while the boy takes another and then they swap about. The first boy gets to fuck the second boy who’s just been sucking on boy one’s cock and the girl is in there somewhere but that’s fine too. And then… Well, you get the ‘bi-dea’? It’s all bi-fun and all shot exclusively for the site.

There are 458 Bimaxx videos at the moment, probably more now as the site updates, and they come with 1,920 x 1,080 HD viewing and download options, plus other formats suitable for phones and the like. There are also the same number of galleries which are easy and fun to browse and updates are coming in. Especially as there’s a simple sign-up and membership option which, thanks to our discount, is now yours for only $19.95 instead of nearly $40.00 for the 30-day access. You should buy a membership now. I am going to buy into Bimaxx so I shall now say bye-buy and go view some bi.