Our $7,000 Wedding Budget… In Color!

Warning: My wedding ideas are not safe for work!

I have received a lot of comments on our proposed sub-$10,000 wedding budget. Originally I was thinking about making this as grand a wedding as possible, but then it came to me. Why not have an online wedding where people can come and enjoy it in their leisure time? That is when I came up with the idea of Naughty Weddings discount. A way for you to get the kind of wedding you desire with all of the trimmings, including the consummation, and do so with the least amount of headaches on your part. Save a ton of money with the annual option. It breaks down to just $5.95 per month! Without a doubt the best source for more information on the Naughty America discount is Discounted Porn Club where they don’t mince words, just prices.