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Club Inferno Dungeon Discount

Our Club Inferno Dungeon membership will let you into a dark and dangerous place for only $14.95. That’s for the 30-day membership offer and it’s $15.00 off the standard price. For that reduction you could buy a mate a pass as well and still only pay the same as you would normally pay for one. Go for the 365-day pass and save a massive 73% which, paid in one go, works out to the same as being asked to pay $8.33 per month which is nothing when you realise what you get in return.

There’s this dungeon, you see, with chains and stocks, dark lighting, walls dripping with… well, we don’t ask, and there are these hunky guys who live in there. Beware the bears as you creep through trying not to be noticed. If you are caught (and many men have been) you could find yourself slung in the sling with your legs in the air and someone’s fist delving deep into your ass, right up to the elbows. (His, not yours.) There is a warning on the front page of the site saying the site is for adults only. Well, yes, I am not surprised, but they should say it’s for adults with a lust for lost arms really, as there are so many guys in here fishing around inside someone’s ass with only half an arm showing. There are some shoots where one guy gets both arms in one guy apiece, and some where you might see two fists in one rather stretched hole.

Anyway, you can see what Club Inferno Dungeon is all about: fisting and leather men and sleazy sex and slings and big dicks. It’s also about good quality with over 570 exclusive scenes and 960 x 540 viewing. That’s not the top HD we see elsewhere but their results are just as good and full screen is fine. One of the reasons for this high quality but not full HD presentation is because the scenes are stream only, and they don’t want those on a slower connection to suffer start-and-stop, not when someone is just about to shoot a load after having his tummy tickled from the inside. You get more image sets with over 930 of them and these are also good quality, and the membership also carries access to the mobile version of the site, some wallpapers that you can use on your work PC at the office (only joking… well, you could, but…) and there’s a blog as well.

It reminds me of a moment a Berlin leather bar, on a quiet Sunday afternoon, when someone came out of the sling room where he’d been fisting another guy, and asked the barman if he had any paper towels they could use. My mind fair boggled and I didn’t go there. But I have been into Club Inferno Dungeon and now know what the towels were for. Think Crisco. Also think value and grab that $14.95, 30-day sign up deal, save that amazing $15.00 and use it to buy a pair rubber gloves and you will be well away.