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Maskurbate DiscountMaskurbate discount news: Here you have an original and exclusive content site with a great theme for only $9.95 for the 30-day access. What’s so newsworthy about that is that it represents a saving of $20.00 off the usual price. Go annual and you find a discount of 76% paid in one go, which works out to the same as if you were paying $7.45 per month. Now that’s what I call an unmasked deal, a low-cost gay porn site and a good one at that.

Maskurbate is the brainchild of a guy called Pascal. He was doing some home gay hardcore filming and setting up a site years ago when he came across this cute Asian guy and wanted him to appear in a movie. The guy was okay about it as long as nothing was filmed above the waist. He wanted to remain anonymous. This gave Pascal the idea of putting him, and other shy models, in a mask so no one could see their faces. That turned out to be horny and so the site was born. But don’t think Batman masks and silly stuff like that (not that Batman is silly at all, but having sex in a Batman costume might make you feel a bit daft, unless of course you’re humping Chris O’Donnell in which case I would buy the video from you no matter what the price) – where was I? Oh yes, the masks. These are eye masks and hoods and balaclavas and they give and extra eroticism to the scenes because of how they hide the guys’ faces or eyes.

Anyway, a while ago I was at the site and I found well over 200 streaming only movies in Mp4 format at a good streaming size, 960 x 540, which should suit just about all connection speeds. There were also galleries to go with them with some hot pics to collect and the whole lot are exclusive to this site and this site only. The sex varies from solos to hardcore, there’s a nice line-up of straight men hard up for cash getting hard and being given helping hands from some gay models, and there is a nice long list of models to choose from. The site is inventive and good quality, it’s certainly original – in all my years of viewing gay porn sites I’ve not seen one that is specifically about guys in masks (apart from one about a caped crusader twink which, luckily, went by the by) and you get a great value deal on our discounted Maskurbate sign-up offer.

No need to cover your face here, simply sign up and sign in and save yourself $20.00 and watch hunky masked guys, many of whom are straight, in some original hardcore content.