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Raging Stallion Discount

Raging Stallion discount will give you a raging hardon and the price won’t even send you into a rage because we’ve done some raging of our own and got the price down from near $30.00 for the 30-day pass to only $9.95, a saving of around 67%. That’s one thing, another thing is that there’s a 365-day offer where you sign-up and pay in one easy instalment and that then works out the same as paying only $7.45 per month; and that’s for one of the top studios and sites that features hard and tough guys in no-holes-barred gay hardcore.

When I first went into this site, some time ago now, it looked different than it does now; things were fine then but now they are improved and you’ve got a really neat site to get around and find things in. The actual company was started up back in 1999, by two guys called Chris Ward and DJ Slater, and they set out to make DVDs. These have now become wold famous with Raging Stallion being one of the biggest names in the macho-hardcore porn industry. They also now have seven sites in their list of things done and these include Hairy Boyz, Rear Stable, Sex Gaymes and Xtra Inches. After a while these seven sites (Monster Bang, Hard Friction and High Octane are the other three – plus Ragin Stallion itself) all got rolled into one as the guys bought up Falcon Studios and then Hot House and, well, it looks like they are taking over the world. But the thing is, each site keeps its own identity and here at Raging Stallion we have a lot of raging to identify with.

Last time I called into the site I found over 1,800 videos, and most of these came from 400+ released DVDs. This means that the quality is good, DVD release standard at least. The movies on the site are stream only because they are also for sale elsewhere, but members can stream away as much as they want without any restrictions and good resolutions make this easy to do. Needless to say the flix are hardcore with bareback and anal and cum shots and blow jobs and a lot of horny-hardness from your classic macho hunks.

Names, Sweetie, names. Who’s here? Well, the most popular model, according to members, is Shawn Woolf (howl!) and he’s closely followed by Trenton Ducatti who has a boner you could tether your horse to and not lose it. Then comes Landon Conrad and Tommy Defendi, plus a host of other perfect looking, fit and muscular guys, many who are in their 30s and 40s and bringing some maturity to the scenes. It’s hard dick action all the way at Ragin Stallion with its variety of content and a seething mas of hot horse-hung guys.

And all this bad-ass hardcore can be yours for $20.00 off the usual asking price with our discount, and that means lots of guys, loads of load-blowing hardcore and great value all-round.